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Rat rotor bar fatigue tester
Rat rotor bar fatigue tester
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    Rat rotor bar fatigue tester is a product developed and manufactured by various domestic institutes and scientific research units. The rotary rods produced by some domestic manufacturers are all made in mice. The listing of this product fills the gap of domestic rats. This product is improved based on the similar products abroad and pharmacology experimental methodology, has good experimentation. It is an ideal instrument for screening and identifying anti fatigue drugs. The instrument can be used for fatigue test, skeletal muscle relaxation test, central nerve suppression test, and other experiments that need to be used to detect drug action. For example, the influence of toxicity on motor ability, the lack of certain substances in the body, the influence on exercise ability, the influence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs on sports ability and so on. Developing and utilizing the basic principles and basic functions of the instrument in many directions.

    Technical parameters

    1. Operation mode: computer software operation

    2. Analysis of data: time on the stick、the speed of falling

    3. Communication interface: COM or USB interface

    4. Number of channels: three channels in rats

    5. Applicable animal: rat

    6. Rotating rod diameter: 90mm

    7. Rotating rod length: 90mm

    8. Speed range: 5-60 rpm

    9. Adjustment degree: 1rpm 

    10. Set time range: 1-6000 minutes

    11. Mode of work: rotation / reversal

    12. Ambient temperature: 5-40℃

    13. Falling optoelectronic automatic recording

    14.Input voltage: AC 220V  50Hz

    15.Input power: 20W


    17.Data can be imported into Excel
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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