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CSH Asia 2016 Conferences: Development, Function and Disease of Neural Circuits

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CSH Asia 2016 Conferences: Development, Function and Disease of Neural Circuits

Development, Function and Disease of Neural Circuits
May 16-20, 2016 | Suzhou, China 
Organized by:
Rui Costa, Champalimaud Neuroscience Program, Portugal
Zhigang He, Harvard Medical School/Children鈥檚 Hospital, Boston, USA
Anatol Kreitzer, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Minmin Luo, National Institute of Biological Sciences, China
Yimin Zou, University of California, San Diego, USA
Major Topics:
1. Development and genetics of neural circuit
2. Circuit Mechanisms of cognition
3. Neuromodulators in circuit function and behavior
4. Circuit dysfunction and psychiatric disorders
5. Circuit development-related disorders
6. Development and application of cutting-edge technologies
Keynote Speakers:
Roberto Malinow , University of California, San Diego , USA 
Abstract title: Balanced and compartmentalized disappointment: Unusual transmission onto the lateral habenula 
Invited Speakers:
Joshua Berke , University of Michigan , USA 
Seth Blackshaw , Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine , USA 
Peng Cao , Institute of Biophysics, CAS , CHINA 
Abstract title: A brain circuit to trigger fear responses: its identification, characterization and preliminary translational research 
Alain Chedotal , Institut de la Vision , FRANCE 
Abstract title: Development, function and evolution of commissural circuits 
John Flanagan , Harvard Medical School , USA 
Lisa Goodrich , Harvard Medical School , USA 
Yasunori Hayashi, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, JAPAN
Zhigang He , Harvard Medical School/Children's Hospital, Boston , USA 
Abstract title: Rebuilding functional circuits after CNS injury 
Bong-Kiun Kaang , Seoul National University, SOUTH KOREA 
Abstract title: Bidirectional modulation of hyperalgesia via the specific control of neural circuits in the anterior cingulate cortex 
Haruo Kasai , University of Tokyo , JAPAN 
Abstract title: Rapid regulations of spine plasticity by dopamine in the D1 and D2 projection neurons in the nucleus of accumbens 
Anatol Kreitzer , University of California, San Francisco , USA 
Abstract title: Function of Basal Ganglia Circuits in Movement and Action Selection 
Dayu Lin , NYU Langone Medical Center , USA 
Minmin Luo , National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing , CHINA 
Christian L眉scher , University of Geneva , SWITZERLAND 
Qiufu Ma , Dana Farber Cancer Institute , USA 
Jeanne Paz , UCSF School of Medicine , USA 
Jerry Silver , Case Western Reserve University , USA 
Kazushige Touhara , The University of Tokyo , JAPAN 
Abstract title: Neural circuits processing sex pheromone information in mice 
Kuan Hong Wang , National Institute of Mental Health , USA 
Yun Wang , Peking University School of Basic Medical Science , CHINA 
Xiang Yu , Institute of Neuroscience, CAS , CHINA 
Abstract title: Coordinated spine pruning and maturation mediated by inter-spine competition for cadherin/catenin complexes 
James Zheng , Emory University School of Medicine , USA 
Yimin Zou , University of California at San Diego , USA 
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