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Forced swimming experiment video analysis system
Forced swimming experiment video analysis system
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      Forced swimming experiment video analysis system

    Forced swimming experiment system mainly used for study of antidepressant, sedation and analgesic drugs.This instrument suitable rat,mice or other experimental animals,through put experimental animals to a limited environment(water),the animals struggle to escape but cannot get out and provide a unavoidable forced environment,after some minutes and end of experiment that the animals show a typicalno movecondition and reflect a condition that namedbehavior of despair condition,recording series of parameters that experimental animals under this behavior of despair condition.The product will video the experiment process also track and analysis image,the result data automatic export to PC,you can analysis and print experiment report for experiment process.It widely used at various medicine university,scientific and research units that work on experimental teaching and antidepressant drugs.


    Available 16 experimental animals to do in real time,more efficiency and save time;avoiding artificial observations subjective error and interference for experimental animals;providing export function of trajectory draw,trajectory coordinate point and indicator result,also provide full experiment database function,As the real record of the research and the material for future teaching demonstration,index results can be imported into Excel(csv format).convenient for user to do further processing in Excel,SPSS,SAS and other software.First development side image tracking and counting technology,ensuring the result reality effectively and keeping experiment process process,people can replay to check,face to science researching and CAI,it can record original video image,supporting AVI format,higher compression ratio and reduce storage space effectively and good for long time observation,It can video analysis under star environment that little interference for animals and meet rodents animals habits.


    Technical parameters:

    1.Hardware outer size:1000*530*850mm

    2.rat swimming barrel size:D 200mm H 600mm

    3.mice swimming barrel size:D120mm  H 400mm

    4.camera:SONY GUN


    6.Color:black white or colorful.

    7.Min Intensity of illumination:<0.005Lux

    8.Camera frequency:28/30p 600X

    9.Camera resolution:640*480

    10.Camera power:12V 5A

    11.Camera type:2.8-12 mm,autofocus

    12.Encryption dog:USB 2.0 plug

    13.Signal transportation way:power and signal one line 10m

    14.Video collection module:USB 2.0 video collection card(supporting potable)

    15.Can export into Excel,easy for used to analysis and characteristic in Excel,SPSS,SAS

    16.Software analysis data:

    Observation time/struggle time/rest time/incubation period/the percentage of rest time/the percentage of struggle time/trajectory drawing.

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    Hardware outer size







    black white or colorful


    Min Intensity of illumination




    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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