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Multifunction Inducement Cough & Gasp Apparatus
Multifunction Inducement Cough & Gasp Apparatus
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Huaibei Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Ltd.Co
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    ZH-YLS—8A Multifunction Inducement Cough & Gasp A

    1.General introduction Multifunction Inducement Cough 8i Gasp Apparatus is such a instrument that changes liquid medicine or suction anaesthesia at some time, quantity consistency and original quality into atomization gas sol and injects into animal body through the respiratory system, what makes little animal anaesthetize, gasp and cough, so it can be used to study guarding against and treating or exploiting the symptom.
    The apparatus has many uses,not only used to induce cough and gasp in pharmacology, but also for little animal’s anaesthesia, infecting toxin, testing atomization medicine’s effect and imitating high humidity environment. It also is a good instrument in teaching and research.

    2. Technical index200638151610926.jpg
    Animal box’s volume: 4L
    Gas atomization grain’s diameter: ≤3um
    Atomization spraying quantity: 0.15±0.01ml/min, 2.5±0.15μl/s
    Atomization pressure(constant): 66.6KPa(500mmHg)
    Maximum holding medicine’s quantity: ≤20ml
    Noise <65db(A)
    Lightning clock operation period: 10 years
    Clock error: <0.083 s/h
    Power’s voltage: 220V 50Hz
    Inputting power: 150w
    Temperature: 10-35℃
    Relative temperature: ≤80%RH
    Air pressure scope: 860-1069hPa
    Air pumb operates intermittently and maximum operation period is 30 minutes
    Activated carbon filtrates grain by regurgitation
    Have micro-printer and store 42 groups data
    Have I O
    Have automatic and hand controlling cough note system
    Changing anaesthesia, inducing gasp and guiding cough function freely
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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