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Supplier Country Telephone Website
Creative Biogene United States 1-631-619-7922 http://www.creative-biogene.com
Creative Bioarray United States 1-631-619-7922 http://www.creative-bioarray.com/
Fo Shan YongShengDa Machinery Co.Ltd China 0757-88029623 http://en.fsyd.com
HK Genes Biotech Co.,Ltd China 008615058648101 http://www.genesbiotech.com
WUHAN MANLEY GIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Burundi 15633845869 http://www.wh-wanli.com
Tempotec Optics Co., Ltd. China +86 591 28379366 http://www.tempotec.com/
Empire Genomics United States 1-800-715-5880 http://www.empiregenomics.com
Xinyuan International Development Co., Ltd China 15955142675 http://chinaprotectiveclothing.com/
Cyagen Biosciences(Guangzhou) China 800-921-8930 http://www.cyagen.com
Hengda Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. China 0086-532-87910059 http://www.cnliquidnitrogentank.com
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