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Supplier Country Telephone Website
Channel Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. China 15611261324
Channel Scientific Instruments Co.,Ltd. China 15611261324
Channel Technology Group HK Limited China 15611261324
Beijing Channel Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. China +86-10-62111044 http://www.channeleco.com/en/
ARC Filtration System Ltd China 0086 571 85026570 http://www.arcfiltration.com
Channel Tech Scientific Instruments China 86-10-62111044
BeiJing ShouXuan China +86-10-62111044
Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co., Ltd China 86-018373165295 http://www.phyhuir.com/intr.html
Wuxi Yijing Purification Equipment Factory China 0510-83570990 http://www.china-cleanroom.com
seaworld instrument co.,ltd China +86-010-57464685 http://www.seaworld1.com
Changsha HuiRui biological technology co., LTD China 86-0371-85782961
Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co.,Ltd China +86-731-84686909 http://www.phyhuir.com
Hui Rui Biological Technoloy Company limited China 0086-731-85782961 http://www.phyhuir.com聽
Riotto Botannical Co., Ltd. 涓浗 13759984409 http://www.betonnutritions.com
Zhejiang TOP Cloud-agri Technology Co., Ltd China +86-571-86062776 http://www.agri-instrument.com
Hangzhou Mindfull Technology Co.,Ltd China +86-13625710421
Shanghai Zeshine Equipment Co., Ltd China 86-21-59900332 http://www.zeshine.cn
Tsingtao Toky Instruments Co.,Ltd China 0532-87728956 http://www.sinogage.com
Beijing Channel Scientific Instruments Co.,Ltd. China +86-10-62111044 http://www.channeleco.com/en/
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