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Supplier Country Telephone Website
Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd China 86 371 6798 5313 http://www.autobio-diagnostics.com/
Abbkine Scientific China +86-027-59716789 http://www.abbkine.com
Wuhan Unibiotest Co.,Ltd China 86-27-87745856 http://www.unibiotest.com
Creative Diagnostics United States 1-631-619-7922 http://www.creative-diagnostics.com/
Shanghai TheraMabs Bio-technology co., LTD China +86-21-58582603 http://www.theramabs.com
Harbin Labsystem Bio Ltd. China +(86)045182328788 http://www.theramabs.com
Span Biotech Ltd China 0755-89589611 http://www.spanbio.com
Sarah Micro Pte. Ltd China 021-64166852
Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd. China 86-571-87114601 http://www.foodrapidtest.com/
Shanghai Linc-Bio Science Co., Ltd. China 021-58371045 http://en.linc-bio.com/
Flarebio Biotech LLC United States 3013634651 http://www.cusabio.com
Signalway Antibody LLC United States 1-301-446-2499 http://www.abscitech.com
Porvair Sciences Limited United Kingdom +44 1978 666240 http://www.porvair-sciences.com
Wuxi Donglin Sci&Tech Development Co.,Ltd China 86-021-61431509 http://www.dldevelop.com
Habcan Life Sciences Company China 18860113677 http://www.habcan.com
ACCDBIO China 86-27-87526735 http://www.accdbio.com
Novus Biologicals United States 1-888-506-6887 http://www.novusbio.com/
Beijing KANG BI QUAN Biotech Co., Ltd China +861065420277 http://www.kbqbio.com
EQUL CORP China 86-21-22817530 http://www.equl.com
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