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The English Version of Bio-equip is on trial in March 1, 2006.

Hits:4357   Date: 3/1/2006
With increasing popularity of our website in Chinese version (, more and more foreign producers and customers pay attention to our website. Moreover, many foreign embassies and consulates, domestic entrepreneurs and foreign business have contacted us and expected that we could build this website in English version ( in order to provide a platform which is not only convenient to communicating but also beneficial for the exposure of Chinese products to outside world and vice versa.
On one hand, we appreciate that because of increasingly growing of Chinese national industry, Chinese products that hold the advantage of superior quality and competitive price have gotten increasing attention and concern in the international market, especially these products such as centrifuges, shakers, incubators, microscopes, electrophoresis apparatuses, PCR amplifiers, liquid nitrogen containers, thermostats, luminescence detectors, electronic scales, molecular biology reagents, consumables, biochips and some kind of small lab equipments which attract international buyers who seek and identify outstanding producers of lab equipments in China by rigid process. In recent years, there are lots of shopping groups comprised of foreign senior experts in exhibitions of lab equipments. As far as our website is concerned, we get a growing number of emails for order from foreign countries involving U.S.A., France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Vietnam, Uruguay, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia,Mongolia, Lebanon and Pakistan, etc.
On the other hand, with export of Chinese products on the increase, more and more foreign companies with their new products have entered or prepared to enter the potential market of China. With increasingly economic development of China, the Chinese government have paid more attention to and spent more money on life science, which not only makes lab equipments better but also gives rise to increasing demand for sophisticated import equipments. Undoubtedly, these most up-to-date equipments and technologies in the world promote the development of scientific research in China.
To satisfy the above need of domestic and international business, we are the first in China to build the website relating to biology equipments in English through our preparation for several months. We expect that this website in English would grow up to not only become a window through which bio-equipments, reagents and consumables produced in China would enter foreign markets, but also make Chinese business stand strongly in the world to compete internationally.
The website in English is fundamentally familiar with the one in Chinese in arrangement and function. However, it is independently another system so that producers have to register and provide the information of products again. At present, the website in English has just been built, and now it is on trial. Anyone interested in it is strongly recommended to register as soon as possible because we will arrange your position in our product information bank according to the dates of your registration. Whether you are a buyer or seller, please let us know if you meet any problems in English version of our website. We will appreciate your valuable comments and suggestions for our website.
We will continue providing outstanding service with heart and sole as we did before. With the incessant improvement of our website, we will make it better and bigger to serve as a high-tech platform which is various, informative, stable and convenient.
In addition, we also provide service on consultation and foreign trade including Chinese-English translation and export agent, etc. We would be glad if domestic business let us know when they have any needs and problems about foreign trade.
Please contact us freely if you have any proposals and requests for our website in English. Thank for your support for our website again!
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