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India Lab Expo 2011 - An Incredible Show

Hits:2990   Date: 12/31/2011
India Lab Expo 2011 @ INDIA
Not long since the Lab Asia 2011 trip, we, Transcend EXPO fared forth again to India, the amazing nation.
Actually, most of our group members did not placed a great hope on this event, because of India Lab EXPO 2011 is just being 3rd time held.
As we all know, Exhibitors often see and receive a lot of Indian Buyers during shows in CHINA Mainland. But they hardly attend shows in INDIA on their own initiative, at least in Laboratory Industry. We the India Lab EXPO business group goes to the journey on 6th.Dec.2011.

Pic: Sunset seen from inside of the plane (left)                 the hotel we live during the trip (mid & right)

On Site
When we are setting up the booth, we felt a large amount of dust, and a bit slow of the furniture supplier. Luckily, the Mr. Vikram and Mr. Sharma were so kind of helping us to solve the furniture problem. They must be thanked.

Pic: Mr. Vivek Vikram from [S.D. (India) Corporation] and our group leader
Till the opening day of show, we had just begun to learn the power of Local Indian Buyers: An agric-instruments exhibitor, they already received two orders in the morning of opening day. A laboratory glassware manufacture was try to attend India Lab EXPO 2011 because they were the first time to INDIA. Finally, they became the busiest exhibitor in CHINA Pavilion. And another famous pipettes supplier confirmedly decided to attend India Lab Expo 2012 in Hyderabad after the Show.
After that, we analyzed the reason: it was a great job which S.D. (India) Corporation, the organizer did as a propaganda work. The coming buyers are also high-grade and organized in a planned. We guess, since India Lab Expo has a cooperating relationship with Arab LAB, the famous Lab Show in Middle East, they can share resource and propagandize themselves in such a stage. We hope to try our best to increase the importance of India Lab Expo indeed.

     INDIAN buyers in an endless stream
After the Show
We must say what we saw after India Lab Expo 2011. We spent 10 hours on the way to visit them, and it is so worthy.

Pic: the lovely twins in the Agra hotel                                     handsome monkey king in front of Agra Fort

Pic: sunshine                                   squirrel, anywhere in the Agra Fort                                      parrot

              the famous Taj Mahal                                          inside of the palace

Every exhibitor was satisfied with this trip to India Lab Expo, so do our Managerment. We learnt that, everyone must experience by himself instead of hear from other ones then knows a show is worthy to practice or not. Whether a show is good or not, it is decided by what the organizer did as a propaganda work, not only how many times the show has been held.
Finaly, we are pleased to thank the organizer, S.D.(India) Corporation. Because of them, we Transcend EXPO now have got a pretty finish with our work in 2011. Both the exhibitors and us are also expecting to earn more from India Lab Expo 2012 in Hyderabad.
About Transcend EXPO

We believe: an exhibition service company must provide not only a hypostatic booth but a business opportunities in the future. At the same time, as a bridge between international traders. Therefore, we concentrated on the study of international trade policy, and actively contact foreign organization, cooperate to seek for trading platforms. In the actual working, we have made satisfying results.
Today, we have earned a little popularity. This is certainly because of old&new customers' support. We also understand "When a man is wrapped up in himself he makes a pretty little package. " the truth. Now, we are committed to build not only our company but also other exhibition service companies as indispensable service organizations in the exhibition industry, we will explore and try more inother related areas.

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