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Guest-article about antibodies-online

Hits:3123   Date: 8/6/2012
It can be a life-task to work in the area of Life Sciences. Grants have to be written, experiments have to be planned, protocols and results have to be documented exactly, results have to be presented at meetings, undergraduate students have to be supervised in their work and there is plenty of lab management to do. Another very time-consuming job awaits all rersearchers who set up new experiments or try to improve existing procedures: Find suitable tools and reagents that make lab work easier and help to deliver reliable results. How do you tackle this problem? Do you comb through an endless number of publications or do you spend more time to read the manufacturers' homepages and catalogues than doing your experiments?

There is an answer to this problem: antibodies-online  is the largest online marketplace for molecular biology and proteomics. The company that was founded in the year 2006 has its headquarters at Aachen (Germany) and supports the American market from their branch at Atlanta, Georgia (USA). On antibodies-online more than 590,000 products from more than 150 suppliers are available. The impressive product range contains more than 400,000 primary antibodies, more than 10,000 secondary antibodies, test kits such as ELISA kits or CLIA kits, proteins, isotype controls accessory reagents and many more. Despite this stunning assortment of products, antibodies-online does not rest on its laurels. The product range is expanded continuously in order to provide the scientific community with cutting-edge tools. It is as easy as pie to use the smart search function at antibodies-online: Typing one or more key words and applying the different filters for reactivity, host and type of application will retrieve suitable results in no time at all. For example, a search for the protein vimentin yields 397 results in all product categories; if you are looking for an ELISA test kit with reactivity for mouse, the application of the corresponding filters will narrow down the number of search results to five. Still not sure, which kit is the best for you? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, antibodies-online provides images of immunohistochemical stainings, Western blot and flow cytometry results, ELISA standard curves and many more for a great number of their products. In the case of vimentin, application of the filter "images available" will lead you to the product that suits you best.

Do you need more time for the really important things in research? antibodies-online is the answer to your problem. Make better use of your time - solve scientific problems!
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