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Confluency Checker
Confluency Checker
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    CKX-CCSW software automatically measures cell confluence and provides a record of quantitative data so researchers no longer have to rely on manual counting and confluency estimates. Used with the CKX53 microscope, the software counts the number of cells as well as the confluency percentage in a culture vessel. The data is saved as a CSV file that is easily exported to a PC for review and archiving.

    Measurement for Non-stain Cultured Cells and Confluence

    Previous technologies for measuring the number and density of cultured cells required the cells to be stained and then counted manually. In some applications, such as regenerative medicine, a stain cannot always be used. Olympus CKX-CCSW software features an exclusive algorithm that enables the software to accurately count un-stained cells in different vessels. By repeating this on a regular basis, the user creates individual growth data to estimate the timing for the next cell passage when a cell culture needs to be subcultured to avoid overgrowth.

    Less Risk for Contamination
    Live cells are usually cultured in an incubator with proper temperature and CO2 settings. During the culture process, the cells must occasionally be removed from the incubator to check their growth. Using microscope images, CKX-CCSW software reliably determines the number of cells and culture density. This process is fast, minimizing the time culture vessels spend out of the incubator and reducing the risk of contamination.

    Quick and Easy Operation

    CKX-CCSW software has an easy to use interface designed to enable users to take fast counts and confluency measurements with minimal training. Individual calibration processes are user-friendly and measurements are analyzed based on multiple images for greater count accuracy.

    Improve Cell Culture Process Quality with Quantitative Analysis
    Rather than manually counting cells with a hemocytometer and then estimating the cell density, CKX-CCSW software provides reproducible quantitative growth data. The data is saved as a CSV file for easy archiving and documentation. Both the overlaid image file, showing the area of cell growth, and the original image file can be saved in JPEG or TIFF format.
    Olympus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional opto-digital products for medicine, science and industry. As a result, Olympus provides a comprehensive range of solutions. From microscopes for training and routine tasks to high-end system solutions in the fields of life science, there is a system for every need. The product line is complemented by innovative laboratory equipment for cellular research applications and the new all-in-one microscopes that offer user engagement at all levels.
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