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Rat/mice animals diving platform recorder
Rat/mice animals diving platform recorder
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               Rat/mice animals diving platform recorder

    As Human and animals inner psychological process cannot observe directly,so scientist can only according to observed stimulation response to speculate the process of inner brain,for the research of inner brain memory process can only from human or animals studying or after they perform a task some times,measuring their grades or response time to judge these process’s coding way,storage quantity,keeping time and their relied condition etc.studying memory experiment method’s base is conditioned reflex,various methods were derivation from it,diving platform method is one common used method,its advantage is easy to do and available many animals to experiment in real time,not only can observe drugs effect that for memory process,but also can observe for studying effect,with higher sensitive,especially for first screening drugs.This recorder is upgrade version of YLS-3T,including LCD display,setting convenience,counting accurately,real appearance,compact structure,maintain convenience,using safety characteristics and suitable for science researching and teaching using.It is an indispensable tool for the screening and development of various intelligent brain, memory, anti-aging drugs and health care products.This instrument adopts micro computer to control animals judge ability for down platform,it can set testing time and stimulation current,LCD display and print error down platform times,also with short out alarm power failure function and with micro computer plug,after connect micro computer that it can read data on micro computer that handle data and image,the instrument uses split structure and convenient to clean and maintenance.


    Technical indicators:

    1.Max automatic record time:18h

    2.Min automatic record time:5min(hand stop under 5min)

    3.Max recording experimental data:16grounp

    4.Max record times of each room:250times

    5.Details record:49times,(details means each down platform time)

    6.Counting precision:0.01s

    7.Clock setting:Y,M,D,H,M,S

    8.Electricity barrier voltage adjusting range:30v-120v(peak of square wave).adjusting :1V

    9.Electricity barrier limited current adjusting range:0.06-4mA,adjusting:0.02mA

    10.Five channels setting freely.

    11.Input voltage and current:200v-230v 50Hz


    13.Working environment temperature:0-40℃

    14.Have short out alarm function

    15.Have data printing function

    16.Have micro computer plug

    17.It can connect mice diving platform room(five rooms,each size 120*120*180mm)

    Rat diving platform room(two rooms,each size 300*300*280mm)


    1 animals rat/mice
    2 temperature 0-40degree
    3 power 30W
    4 mice room size 120*120*180mm
    5 rat room size 300*300*280
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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