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Morris water maze video analysis system
Morris water maze video analysis system
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                Morris water maze video analysis system

    Morris water maze experiment is one experiment that forced experimental animal’s(mice,rat) to swim and learn how to research hiding under water,it mainly used for test experimental animals learning memory ability of space position sense and direction sense.It widely application on learning memory, dementia, hippocampus hippocampus/external research, intelligence and aging, new drug development/filter/evaluation, neurobiology, pharmacology, toxicology, preventive medicine, animal biology, psychology and behavior of multiple disciplines and other science researching and computer aided teaching fields,it has widely approved at worldwide.It is preferred classic experiment at medical college to do behavioral research,especially research of learning and memory.Morris water maze’s most important part is pool,the quality and function of pool is an indispensable part of experiment,the water temperature is the key,our independently manufactured constant temperature pool is only have this function in domestic,its temperature controlling and precision has arrived advanced level.

    Experiment principle:

    Even the rat has swimming ability,but they hate in water condition,meanwhile,swimming is a very physical activity for rat,they instinctive to search rest place in water.Searching rest place is a behavior that involve a complex memory process,including collection and space position relevant visual information,then handle,arrange,memory,firm these information and take out finally,the purpose is success sailing and searched the station that hide in the water and escape from the water finally.


    The result from the software:

    Morris water maze video analysis system providing journey,time percentage,specialized indicators and other 40 types analysis data and select optional,the data can export into Excel and easy to statistics.


    Technical parameters:

    1.Pool material:304 national stainless steel or medical PVC.

    2.Heating power:2000w.

    3.Temperature precision:0.1°

    4.Temperature volatility:+-1°

    5.Number Display type:000.0

    6.Big rat pool specification:diameter 150cm,height 60cm

    7.Small mice pool specification:diameter 120cm,height 40cm

    8.Big rat station specification;diameter 12cm,height 20-35cm

    9.Small mice station specification;diameter 8cm,height 20-35cm

    10.The pool include wheel and move freely.

    11.Temperature controlling range:10-80(recommend 22-26)

    12.Video frequency:28/30p 600X

    13.Video resolution:640*480

    14.Power:12V 5A

    15.Video type:2.8-12mm automatically zoom

    16.Encryption dog:USB 2.0 plug

    17.Video collection module:USB 2.0 video collection card(supporting potable)

    18.Single transportation way:power and signal one line 10m

    19.Station upper and down way:hand or automatic(another $500 if automatic and with radio)

    20.Available offline analysis and speed is 1X.2X.3X.4X

    21.Available animals track playback and compared

    22.Data can export into Excel,automatic save track drawing and no need hand.

    23.Used USB video collection and connect with computer.

    24.File save way and no affect for many people used.

    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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