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ZH-KJ Scene Fear Experiment system
ZH-KJ Scene Fear Experiment system
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                              ZH-KJ Scene Fear Experiment system  

    FCS is used on small rodent(rat,mice) research of fear experiment under relevant environment condition,rodent will express special immobility when fearing and the animals tend to keep immobile and defence post.Antidepressants and anti-central stimulants can reduce the duration of immobility significantly.when experiment,experimental subject was given a sound signal(condition stimulation),then give electric shock(non-condition)stimulation.This train called condition train,after train that the experimental animal do sound signal or environmental association experiments. Normally,rodent will express significantly condition fear response under same sound signal with corresponding environment and different environment,like immobility.After training or some days later,this test can provide short-term and long-term memory information under condition signal effect.

     Hardware characteristic:

    1.Hardware system used embedded micro-controller as main control core,constant current and constant pressure stimulation.

    2.sound delay,voltage and current is set by software.

    3.There is a peak adjustable square signal on each electrode.

    4.Each electrode using cycling shift pulse stimulation,making the current is constant,compared with traditional electrode stimulation,it avoid the disadvantage that animals under same electrode but cannot stimulate.

    5.This system all signals transportation are adopt USB plug.

    6.This stimulation system suitable different size animals.

    Hardware indicator parameters:

    1.Electric palisade adjusting range:30-120V(peak value),adjusting step 1V,peak voltage error less than 5%.

    2.Electric palisade current-limiting adjusting range:0.4-3.5mA,adjusting step0.02mA,current error less than 0.04mA,it can set freely according require.

    3.The square wave stimulation frequency is 96Hz,error 1%.

    4.Sound stimulation delay is 0-255s


    6.Input voltage:AC 220V

    7.Host box size:300×300×300mm

     Indicator parameters:

    1.Freezing relative:experiment time,qty of freezing,each time point of freezing,each duration time of freezing,the total freezing time,freezing times percentage of total time.

    2.Activity relative:total experiment time,total distance,total average speed,each stage time,speed and average speed.

    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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