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Suzhou Alpha Biological Laboratory Equipment Co. , Ltd.

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biological nanometer garden,A5 floor. Room 301, xinghu street NO.218,Suzhou industrial park,Suzhou, |
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Suzhou Alpha Biological Laboratory Equipment Co. , Ltd. was established in 2008, located in Suzhou Park Biological Nanometer Park (Biobay) a 5 building, room 301. The Management Team of the company is dedicated to the scientific instrument industry for 12 years. With professional technical team and perfect after-sales service system, it has provided more than 300 laboratories with high-quality products and services, it covers 13 groups such as universities, medical institutions, testing centers, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Acting Laboratory equipment mainly includes vibration incubator, PCR instrument, Pipette, Bioreactor, fermentation tank, Pipette, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, medical refrigerator, liquid nitrogen tank, high-pressure sterilizer, ultra-pure water machine, balance, centrifuge, etc. . Manufacturers licensing including Chu Instruments, Langki, Zhongke Meiling, Mettler, Le Feng, Bo Lu, NEST, Tiangen, Aosheng and many other well-known brands. As well as providing excellent products, we also provide you with consumable reagents commonly used in biological laboratories, as well as services such as whole relocation of laboratories, third-party testing, metrology and calibration, second-hand instrument dispensing, etc. . The complete one-stop laboratory experience makes your choice more convenient, fast and flexible.
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