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ShanghaiBio Corporation(Shanghai Biochip Co.,Ltd)

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No.151,Libing Rd.,Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,Pudong,Shanghai, | 201203
Company Profile
SBC Expression Analysis Services:
FFPE Sample Service (excllusive in China)
Affymetrix Platform:Affymetrix Genechip Expression Analysis
Illumina platform: whole genome profiling with Sentrix Array Matrices/Focus Gene sets Profiling with Sentrix BeadChips
Agilent platform:Genome expression profiling/ genome-wide profiling of genomic aberrations using aCGH platform
ABI PlatformI:TaqMan assays for real-time PCR

SBC Pharmacogenomics Sercives:
Illumina Platform:Whole genome SNP genotyping with Infinium assay Focused SNP genotyping with custom or standard golden gate assay/ Methylation profiling with golden gate standard or custom assay
Affymetrix Platform:Whole genome SNP Genotyping with Affymetrix GeneChip/Focused SNP genotyping with Affymetrix GeneChip Application-Specific Fixed Assays/Roche AmpliChip? CYP450 Service
Beckman Platform:Beckman SNPsteam Service
ABI Platfrom: ABI Genotyping with ABI Taqman assay/ DNA Sequencing service with ABI 3730xl

SBC Central Laboratory Services:
Leading Central Laboratory Services provider in China. Key features includes:Advanced Project ,Management,IT support,Professional Logistics,Fully Owned Facilities.

Tissure Bank and TMA Services:
One of the largest Tissue Bank in China,Providing more than 10000 spicemans including most common cancers and nomal tissues

SBC RepairChip Service:
Innovative Systems Biological tools to facilitate drug discovery.

China Headquater
Shanghai Biochip Co., Ltd.(SBC)
No.151,Libing Rd.,Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,Pudong,Shanghai,201203
Fax:86-21-51320266 Tel 86-21-51320288
E-mail marketing@shanghaibio.com
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