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1L~5L Single Layer Glass Reactor
1L~5L Single Layer Glass Reactor
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                                         1L~5L Single Layer Glass Reactor


    Description of single layer glass reactor

     Single glass reactor is composed of a mechanical part, the governor, the heating portion and the glass part of the four major components of its structure. The key pieces of machinery parts, main pole, chassis, etc made of high quality stainless steel shell, with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant glass blocks all with borosilicate glass production.


    Single glass reactor can be a variety of solvent synthesis reaction at a constant temperature, the reaction part of the instrument can be controlled fully sealed structure, continuous negative pressure suction variety of liquids and gases, reflux or distillation can also be done at different temperatures.


    Features of single layer glass reactor

    1. Frequency control, AC induction motor, speed digital display constant, brushless, no spark, safe and stable;
    2. All glass parts are made of high borosilicate 3.3, with good chemical and physical properties; big bottle mouth design, hand-in cleaning;
    3. PTFE mechanical component sealing, it can get the best vacuum degree among the similar products in the market;
    4. Overall stainless steel frame structure, compact and solid, stable and reliable without shaking when mixing;
    5. The PTFE discharge valve without dead corner;
    6. Computer controlled thermostatic oil bath, intelligent PID control, temperature control is accurate and convenient;
    7. Distillation, reflux can be simultaneously;
    8. Explosion-proof series available.

    1. Capacity: 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 250L

     2. Oil bath type & electric heating mantle type, stainless steel & spray plastics are optional

     3. High temperature: RT-180℃(oil bath), RT-180℃(heating mantle). RT-300℃(heating mantle) can be customized.

     4. Vacuum  pump & vacuum controller are available, you can control the vacuum degree accurately.

    TEFIC BIOTECH located in a rich cultural ancient capital Xi'an, we are committed to all kinds of glass reactors'research & development, producing and customization, rotary evaporators, ultrasonic homogenizers/sonicators, spray dryer, vacuum freeze dryer, ect.
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