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Stereotaxic instrument
Stereotaxic instrument
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Huaibei Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Co.,Ltd.,
ZH-Lanxing B
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    ZH—Lanxing B Stereotaxic instrument

    1. General introduction
    ZH—Lanxing B stereotaxic instrument utilizes skull’s external sign or other reference point specified three—dimensional coordinate system to identify some nerve structure’s location under cerebral cortex so that you can do such research as directional stimulation destruction, medicine’s injection potential guidance under the condition of no object. Animal stereotaxic apparatus is very important equipment in nerve anatomy, nerve physiology nerve pharmacology and nerve surgical department. It can be used to build animal pattern of Pakinson Disease, elilepsy and brain’s tumor. Also study memory, transplant brain’s nerve dried cell, investigate brain blood deficit
    Stereotaxic apparatus can be equipped with rat adaptor, rabbit adaptor, cock adaptor and three- dimensional driver, have accurate, reliable, convenient location.

    2. Technical index
    ①Material quality: alloy,single manipulator
    ②Size: 350×250×340mm
    ③weight: 5.5kg
    ④operation arm can rotate 360 and its swinging angle is 180 (-90 ~ 90 degrees)
    ⑤Data accuracy:±0.1mm
    ⑥Accuracy of the intrinsic propeller: ± 0. 1mm
    ⑦Three—dimensional driver distance:80mm(X axis: 80mm, Y axis 80mm, Z axis 80mm)
    ⑧Graduation is carved by laser
    ⑨1 pair (containing ear bar) for the adapter of the rat

    3. Main character
    Easy to read graduation
    Graduation originates from u arm’s open point and ends in internal side. This mode is concordant with most research and easy to read data. Graduation is carved by laser, so data is big and clear. And graduation cooperates with measure scale accurately.

    Move smoothly
    Triangle sideway can make the apparatus locate quickly. Its common joint is convenient to move electrode for experimentalist. And the lock equipment can fix electrode at any angle, operation arm can rotate 360.

    Two operation arms mode
    ZH—Lanxing B stereotaxic instrument can operate at two sides, that is ZH—Lanxing C stereotaxic instrument.
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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