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Fluo-100 Fluorometer
Fluo-100 Fluorometer
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Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments CO., Ltd
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    Fluorometer technical background

    Our nano series Micro-Spectrophotometer measure the concentration and purity of the sample, because it is able to measure the absorbance of the whole ingredient(such as DNA, RNA, oligos and so on) of the sample at 260nm, that may make the read inaccuracy. While the fluorometer measure the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent which combine with the target molecule to read the concentration of sample. Generally, the read is lower than Nano series products but much accuracy than it

    The sensitivity of Nano series products are above 5ng/ul, and while the fluorometer is 0.5pg/ul in measuring DNA concentration. It is important and necessary for the most applications to read the lower and accuracy concentration of the sample. Using the Fluo-100 fluorometer with the quantitation kit can measure the sample concentration rapidly, sensitively and accurately

    Fluo-100 Simple, easy to use and applications

    The Fluo-100 is a dual-channel fluorometer, it provides high-sensitive fluorescent detection when quantifying nucleic acids and proteins, simple and cost to operate
    1. The sample is scarce and difficult in processing
    2. The low quantity of DNA, RNA, or protein after extraction
    3. The sample will be used in the expensive experiments: qPCR, PCR cloning, transfection, the next generation sequencing and etc.

    Two detection models of Fluo-100

    Code Light Excitation Filters Emission Filters
    Fluo-100A UV 365±20nm 420-480nm (60nm)
    Blue 460±20nm 525-570nm (45nm)
    Fluo-100B Blue 460±20nm 525-570nm (45nm)
    Red 625±10nm 670-725nm (55nm)
    Fluo-100C Blue 460±20nm 525-570nm (45nm)
    Green 525±20nm 575-640nm (65nm)

    Fluo-100 Quantitation kit

    High sensitivity of dsDNA Quantitation Kit: 0.2--100ng
    High sensitivity of ssDNA Quantitation Kit: 1--200ng
    Broad range of dsDNA Quantitation Kit: 100--1600ng
    Protein Quantitation Kit is researching

    Fluo-100 Quantitation kit operation


    Application of different fluorescence channel

    Channel Excitation Filters Normal kits Applications
    UV channel 365±20nm Hoechst 33258, 4-MU,
    EnZCheK Caspase
    Nuclear acid quantification, Plant GUS reporter gene detection, Poptosis detection
    Blue channel 460±20nm PicoGreen®, oligreen,RiboGreen®,
    GFP, Protein, Fluorescein, Quant-iT™
    dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA quantification, GFP gene detection,
    Fluorescein detection, Protein detection
    Green channel 525±20nm Rhodamine, Cy3,
    RFP Vybrant Cytotoxicity
    Rhodamine detection, Cy-3 fluorescence labeling detection,
    RFP gene detection, Cell activity poison detection
    Red channel 625±10nm Cy5, Quant-iT RNA Cy-5 fluorescence labeling detection, RNA quantification

    Ordering information

    Code Description Code Description
    AS-18010-00 Fluo-100A Fluorometer, DC12V 1A RS-FL0101-S
    High-sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation kits (100 assays)
    High-sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation kits (200 assays)
    High-sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation kits (1000 assays)
    AS-18020-00 Fluo-100B Fluorometer, DC12V 1A
    AS-18030-00 Fluo-100C Fluorometer, DC12V 1A RS-FL0102-S
    Broad-range dsDNA Quantitation kits (100 assays)
    Broad-range dsDNA Quantitation kits (200 assays)
    Broad-range dsDNA Quantitation kits (1000 assays)
    AS-18011-01 Adapter for 0.5ml qPCR tube (Standard)
    AS-18011-02 Adapter for 0.2ml qPCR tube (Options) RS-FL0103-S
    High-sensitivity ssDNA Quantitation kits (100 assays)
    High-sensitivity ssDNA Quantitation kits (200 assays)
    High-sensitivity ssDNA Quantitation kits (1000 assays)

    Fluo-100 Highlights
    1. Simple – 4.3 inch touch screen, small and easy to use
    2. Easy measurement within 3 sec for DNA, RNA, and protein
    3. High sensitivity – Lowest DNA detection limit is 0.5pg/ul
    4. Two optical channels – Equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, protein quantitation in one detection
    5. Linear Dynamic Range--Five orders of magnitude.
    6. Opening system--You can match the instrument with the reagent you choose
    7. It can save at most 1,000 data and output data by USB port
    8. Adapter: 0.5ml qPCR tube adapter 0.2ml qPCR tube adapter

    Light source LED
    Dynamic range Five orders of magnitude
    Linear Dynamic Range R >0.995
    Detector Photodiode
    Repeatability <1.5%
    Stability <1.5%
    Sensitivity dsDNA: 0.5ng/ml
    Measurement speed 3s (Once)
    Dimension (W×D×H)mm 194×155×72.5 mm
    Weight (kg) 0.4Kg
    Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments Co., Ltd. (Allsheng) was established in 2006 and Allsheng is a professional engaged in laboratory instruments, molecular biology instruments and medical equipment for R&D, production, sales and services enterprises. Allsheng company is located in Hangzhou city and employs more than 100 people.

    With strong R&D team and senior management team, Allsheng products win a good reputation from the market. Benefit from its unique design and superior performance, you can easily find Allsheng's products in Europe, U.S.A., Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and so on.
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