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Titan:Atrato Flowmeter Chosen for Major Peruvian Mining Project

Hits:2238   Date: 10/12/2016

Titan Enterprises reports that JLC International Inc*, its agent for North & South America, has recently shipped thirty-nine Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters to Dynaflux S.A**, an engineering company located in the Lima District of Peru.

Working collaboratively on a complex project with Minas Buenaventura, Peru's largest publicly-traded precious metals company, the team sought a flowmeter that offered excellent accuracy and repeatability at low flow rates.

Titan:Atrato Flowmeter Chosen for Major Peruvian Mining Project Titan:Atrato Flowmeter Chosen for Major Peruvian Mining Project 

The Atrato line of ultrasonic flowmeters consists of four meters operating over the flow range two millilitres / minute up to twenty litres / minute. The Atrato flowmeters were selected to enable accurate and reliable dosing of expensive mining reagents in the flotation stage of a mineral extraction process. In the past, Dynaflux S.A. had used the Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter in other smaller installations with excellent results. This positive experience led to the installation of thirty-nine units for this larger project.

The rugged, clean bore construction of the Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter makes it the perfect choice for a whole range of low flow applications. Taking advantage of proprietary embedded signal processing software developed by Titan Enterprises both viscous and non-viscous liquids can be routinely measured precisely. The low flows that the Atrato flowmeter is capable of measuring vary from laminar to turbulent, and are highly immune from viscosity. With unparalleled turndown, repeatability, and linearity, the Atrato can monitor flow over a range of 250:1. Using the Atrato USB port, users can simply directly connect their laptop PC to the flowmeter and monitor the rate and total flow while also being able to alter a selection of operating parameters.

For further information on the Atrato flowmeter please visit  or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / .

With over 40 years' experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of "pushing the envelope by trying to do things a little different and better" has resulted in sales of over 500,000 products into 40 countries worldwide and a repeat purchase rate of 95%.

*  JLC International Inc. ( ) is a company that supplies and distributes measurement instruments. The business was established back in the mid-1990s by two individuals who have vast experience in the engineering and sales of measurement tools. JLC International provides durable, top quality products to industrial markets that require devices to measure various liquids and gases.

** Dynaflux S.A ( ) was established in 1998 to supply the industrial and institutional sector in Peru with analytical metering pumps and controllers online. The company has established a strong reputation for supplying and supporting equipment and integrated systems for pumping and dosing of industrial liquids, system handling and transport of dry bulk and development of related engineering projects.

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