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Flake Ice Maker/ Snow Ice Maker
Flake Ice Maker/ Snow Ice Maker
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Shanghai Leewen Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd.
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    Flake Ice Maker/ Snow Ice Maker



    1. With world famous brands - Italy Zanusi compressor, refrigeration effect, low noise and reliable operation. Ice-making machine at the top with vents and fans to ensure the motor reducer under harsh conditions at high temperatures can be reliable operation. .

    2. Copper ice bucket, stainless steel blade, safety and reliability. Screw extruded ice hob types, compact structure, to achieve the ice, water, automatic separation, optimization of cutting edge design of ice skates, so the form of small ice-making utility.

    3. Unique way of water tank float system, domestic unique to ensure that no residual water over water, saving water and energy.

    4. Full of ice shows, water shows, cold protection showed that the failure warning display shutdown protection function.

    5. Microcomputer automatic control systems, security, stability.

    6. Two-way screw extrusion ice, the ice particle shape for the amorphous ice, can penetrate narrow spaces, rapid cooling, ice bath effect is good.

    7. The power switch and indicator lights placed in the machine features front, easy to operate.

    8. The major components, such as the demolition of sub-pipes and tanks do not need any tools to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

    9. Innovative sliding door design for easy maintenance, save time and effort.

    10. Stainless steel case decorated with silver-gray ABS plastic, looks elegant and durable.

    11. Box for the freon-free foam insulation, thermal insulation effect, inhibitory-type liner for the fluorine-free, energy saving and environmental protection.


    12. There is ice to turn protection.


    Ice making capacity:20kg/24h

    Ice stroage capacity:10kg
    Input current:280W
    Way of condensation: Air cooling
    Way of influent: Automatic water tap
    Tank shell:Stainless steel
    Ice shape:Small particals of irregular snow ice
    Compressor / refrigerant:Imports of CFC-free/134a
    Overal dimension(L×W×H):330×480×605mm
    Net weight:32Kg
    Applicable area: Schools, hospitals, research,institutes, enterprises and other types of bio-chemical laboratories, hotels, etc.

    Shanghai Leewen Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd. is one of leading professional manufacturing enterprises of low-temperature laboratory equipment and ultrasonic equipment, Photochemical products and other lab testing machine in china.

    Our company’s main products are grouped in 6 series:
    Photocatalytic Reactors
    Spray Dryer| Freeze Dryer
    Ultrasonic Instruments
    Low Temperature Water Bath
    Lab General Instruments

    Through all our staffs joint efforts ,our main products are exported to Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe and The United states, and other countries and regions, now we are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a new future together.

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