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Market Research Of Life Science Instruments In Fenglin Biomedical Centre(FMC)

Hits:8078   Date: 3/21/2007
About FMC
Fenglin Biomedical Centre (FMC) is located in Xuhui district of Shanghai, China. Among this region, it has abundant resource of biological research, medical education and service, with convenient transportation, advanced commerce and abundant information supply. FMC’s core area is bounded by South Shannxi Road-Ruijin Road II-Rihui Port in the east, Wanping Road-South Wanping Road in the west, Huangpu River and Longhua Port in the south and West Jianguo Road in the north. The total 5.5-square kilometer park is our focus.
The main functions of FMC is to concentrate the R&D of life science, medical care service, life science and medical education and training, international academic exchange and medical business exhibitions, which all have significant impact.
Our strategy target focuses on building a biomedical center with the integration of related industries such as business exhibition, strong service function, favorable public environment, common sense of health, and stressing two key industries—“R&D of life science” and “medical care service”, in conformity with the global development trend. The purpose of FMC is to compete with the biological medicine industry on a world level, and assume the leadership of this field in China and the Asia-Pacific Region.
Dear Sir or Madam,
Time flies.It has been two years since our last questionnaire. With the supports of Xuhui Municipal Government, Fenglin Biomedical Centre (FMC) has begun to take its shape. (For more details, please refer to the. As its operation body, our company is responsible for the main project construction in FMC. (For more details, please refer to our company’s website: . Nowadays, several major projects have already been fired up in FMC, and the biomedical industry chain is gradually formed. With the accumulation of all kinds of resources, FMC has formed a certain industrial scale..
In order to fully utilize the abundant resources of biological research, medical education and service in Xuhui district, and speed up the development of FMC, Xuhui Municipal Government intends to foster a special biomedical equipment exhibition center to display the industry cluster benefit and market interaction ability. Our company will provide more than 3,000 square meters demonstrations area as well as more work area in FMC (near the Xujiahui commercial center). Now we wish our target customers help us to fill in the following questionnaire, your precious opinions and the suggestions will help us to enable FMC truly meet the demands of our future customers.
Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We guarantee that your personal information in this questionnaire will be kept confidential.
Shanghai Xuhui State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd.
1、  Establishing time of your company
2、  Company character  
     □a. Manufacturer      □b. Agency ,  brand _________ (please give clear indication  )
3、  The businesses scope of your company includes:                  Your main products are               
4、  How you do think if there is a specialized biomedical equipments market established in Shanghai?
□     a. Necessary □b. Interesting  □c. Not bad □d. Normal  □e. Unnecessary
5、  As for the biomedical equipments market, which services do you favor?
□a. Office area □b. Show booth of products  □c. Centralism payment
□d. Advertisement representatives  □e. Regular exhibition□f. Training area 
□g. Conference center    □h. Hotel service   □i. Employee apartment  
 □j. Communication service □k. Storage  □i. Transportation & Forwarder
□m. Tickets  □n. Others (please give clear indication ______________________)
6、  As to the factors above, what standards you wish our exhibition center will meet?
Geographical position: ________________________________________________          
Demonstration service: ______________________________________________            
Necessary facility: ________________________________________________              
Parking lots: _____________________________________________________              
Necessary facility (including communication network, air-conditioning and illumination, sanitary equipment, elevator aisle and soon) ___________________________________________       
7、  Do you hope to set up office near the demonstration area?
□a. Yes    □b. No
8、  The demonstration area you need is about        (M2), office or work area you need
is          (M2)(if you don’t need office or work area, please do not  fill in the blanks above.)
9、   The scale of your retail team on site
□Less than 10 persons, □10-30 persons, □30-50 persons;□50-100 persons;□more than 100 persons
Company Name:                               
Shanghai Xuhui State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd
Tel: +86 21 6473 1888-393
Fax: +86 21 6445 8736
Contactor: Edison Cao
Tel: +86 21 5465 7260  13621656896
Contact person: zhujian