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UV CCD Preparative Detector
UV CCD Preparative Detector
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UV Detector
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    Equipped with high performance 2048 element CCD arrays as signal detector and postdisperser
    light path , our new generation UV CCD preparative detector can scan full wavelength range rapidly with fluid flow and monitor multiwavelength signal simultaneity such as sample separation wavelength and collection wavelength for fraction purity. It can change wavelength fast without grating rotation, so it has a longer lifetime and better reproducibility than conventional detector. Our special designed focused light path and original Japan D2 Lamp guarantees optimal resolution with best sensitivity and stabilization. It’s suitable for in-line UV signal monitor with high flow rate situations, e.g. organic synthesis,natural product purification.

    1.Detector: tiny 2048 element CCD arrays spectrometer, built-in 16 bits A/D
    2.Multi-wavelength in-line scan: 200-400nm full range scan (only 0.4s/scan)
    3.Optical resolution(FWHM):<1 nm
    4.Wavelength accuracy: <0.5nm
    5.Wavelength reproducibitly:<0.5nm
    6.Wide absorbance range:0-3AU
    7.Light source: D2 lamp from Japan Hamamatsu Photonics,2000hrs lifetime guaranteed
    8.Grating:1800 lines/mm
    9.Preparative flow cell (Patent pending) :
    Light path: 0.3mm
    Volume: 40ul
    Chemical resistance: Good
    10.Fittings: 1/4”-28UNF
    11.Digital output: High speed RS-232 (11.5K bps)
    12.PC software supported: Multi-wavelength monitor (2D,3D and spectrum function: Customized)
    13.Real-time data collection: all data points within full wavelength range
    14.Easy develop with Windows software driver
    15.Easy integration into your system
    16.Easy operation, good stabilization
    Founded in Suzhou Industrial Park'Biobay since 2010,Lisure Science company is a leading design and manufacturing company of automatic instrument and equipment system in Bio&Chemical. Our systems have been widely used by global pharmaceutical companies ,scientific research institutions and CRO company.

    Lisure Science's success is based on many years of experience in drug methodologies .chromatography and expertise in precision machining and automation. Our R&D team consists of industry professional with expertise in chemistry, biological, mechanical &electrical engineering. Collectively, we have been developing optimized configurations and solutions to meet the most demanding and challenging applications.

    Our 30,000 square feet R&D and manufacturing facility with advanced CNC machinery and application lab passed IS09001certification in 2010.

    In additional to serve end users directly, we are also willing to serve international customers as OEM&ODM supplier, We can perform special design, assembly .parts or module manu-facturing. Software development, and system integration for OEM &ODM customers. We welcome big or small opportunities to serve our customers.
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