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New Eppendorf PlateReader AF2200

Hits:2804   Date: 6/9/2013
Eppendorf continues a longstanding tradition with over 60 years of experience in the field of photometry. The latest member of our large and rapidly expanding range of products is the PlateReader AF2200. This instrument is specially designed for UV/Vis and fluorescence (top and bottom) readings in 6 to 384 well format.
The PlateReader AF2200 unites pre-programmed methods, easy programming of individual parameters and data evaluation with maximum flexibility. Pre-configurated filter slides are optimized to prevent cross-talk; personal filter slides can be easily created with the online FilterSlide Configurator. Accessories such as a broad range of microplates and a special microvolume plate offering diversity and flexibility. The whole system is developed to simplify set-up procedures and data analysis and thus to eliminate cumbersome lab work.
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