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Biological Safety Cabinet
Biological Safety Cabinet
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     With the strong will of tracing the trends of updating technology and meeting the customers’ requirements, as a new-coming youngster, SYCLON widely adopts suggestions and earnestly consults the advanced technology of competitors, based on which, SYCLON has developed SKL-2 intelligent biological safety cabinet with pertinent technique and capability improvement, and effectively supplied a gap of present biosafety cabinet. That is an internationally leading model, strongly armed with five biological safety protection shields.
    Biological safety cabinet, the biological safety protective equipment for lab experiment, secure the operating staff and environment by prevent the noxious suspended particle from diffusing during the experiment. With the development of high technology, the improvements on the safety of operating staff, environment and samples have been approved in the recent years. While in terms of the stricter requirement of security sense, some of the problems, like the low velocity, low negative pressure and biosafety cautions under some abnormal conditions have not been perfectly solved.
    SKL-2 Intelligent Biological Safety Cabinet is class Ⅱ, type B2, which adopts omnidirectional, wide visual angle, multiparameter and solid safety technology and constructed five biological safety protection shields, and significantly promoted the guard of the biological safety of operating staffs and samples.
    Technical Features
    1.The constant velocity technology can avoid the risk of leaking because of low velocity or low negative pressure that caused by the voltage fluctuation or increment of HEPA (ULPA) resistance. 
    2.The collection efficiency of ULPA for the particle , smog, microorganism between 0.1~0.2μm exceeds 99.999%
    3.The blower’s full pressure is as 2 times as the initial pressure of HEPA, which effectively extends HEPA service life and reducing the operating cost.
    4.With the omnidistance monitoring technology, the LCD fully displays various real parameters, such as velocity, differential pressure, air quantity and HEPA (ULPA) running status, etc.  
    5.With the innovative internal negative pressure design, any leaking airflow will be captured and environed by the negative pressure system.
    6.SYCLON unique airproof design, epoxy resin coat on stainless steel frame and airproof door cover ensure no air leaking under any circumstances.
    7.Self-testing on ULPA/HEPA running status
    8.ULPA/HEPA invalidity pre-warning and alarming system
    9.ULPA/HEPA breakage alarming system
    10.Double alarming system, linked with internal blower fan, consists of independent low velocity alarm and main circuit
    11.Sash over-lift audio and visual alarm
    12.Self-diagnosing system provides instant reaction for supply and exhaust air fan malfunction.
    13.Preset disinfection enhances work efficiency.
    14.Linkage design between sash and UV lamp protect operator from accidental ultraviolet radiation.
    15.In terms of human engineering, the transparent sash design with incline angle of 10°reduces the glare to maximum extent, which makes the user’s operation more convenient.
    16.Non-reflecting double tectorial glass specializes in explosion protection, breakage proofing and ultraviolet proofing.
    17.Particular seamless sealed inner surface and one piece formed, detachable stainless steel operating platform are solid, perdurable and easy for cleaning.
    18.Waterproof outlet and standard water and air valve fittings
    19.Fluorescent lamp, installed out of the work area, makes it easy to fix and free of pollution. Illumination intensity is higher than that the NSF standard Section 49 indicates.
    20.The contaminated air can be exhausted into the room or out through ducts.
    21.SYCLON provides all duct fittings.
    Application range
        Biological safety cabinet, the biological safety protective equipment for lab experiment, secure the operating staff and environment by prevent the noxious suspended particle from diffusing during the experiment.
    SKL-203L1Biological Safety Cabinet
    Display Mode :
    Airflow Route:
    100% exhausted
    Main (Inflow) Filter:
    Exhaust Filter:
    Sterilizing Lamp :
     Quartz Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp
    Temperature (ºC):
    Relative Humidity(RH):
     Atmospheric Pressure(Pa):
    Collection Efficiency of Main Filter :
    ≥99.999Particle of 0.1~0.2μm
    Collection Efficiency of Exhaust Filter:
    ≥99.99Particle of 0.3μm
    Average Air Inflow velocity (m/s):
    Average Air Downflow velocity (m/s):
    Downflow velocity Control Precision:
    Velocity Resolving Power(m/s):
    Differential Pressure Indicating Range(Pa):
    Differential Pressure Indicating Precision :
    Constant Negative Pressure in the Workroom(Pa):
    Noise Pressure(dB)(A):
    Vibration Peak Mesial Magnitude(μm):
    Illumination Level(Lx):
    HEPA Self-checking :
    HEPA Invalidity pre-warning :
    HEPA Invalidity Alarm:
    HEPA Breakage Alarm:
    Optional Manual or Automatic Control:
    Differential Pressure Indicating:
    Air Output Indicating:
    Silencing Function :
    Bookable Sterilizing Function:
    Clock Indicator:
    Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)mm:
    Packing Dimension(W*D*H)mm:
    Net Weight(kg):
    AC 220V  50/60Hz



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