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Bio Safety Cabinet
Bio Safety Cabinet
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BSC-A2 Series
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    Product Features
    AirClean intelligent control system adopts color high-definition LCD human-computer interaction interface to display and monitor the inflow / descent wind speed value, filter life value, working status of fan, lighting, UV and power interface in real time, and support abnormal prompt;
    Calendar appointment and timing of UV sterilization;
    Socket timing function;
    High performance wind speed sensor is used to monitor the falling and inflow wind speed at the same time, which can automatically track the wind speed and adjust the output to ensure the stability of the wind speed. When the resistance of the filter increases by 50%, the reduction of the air volume is less than 10%;
    UV lamp and lighting lamp interlock protection;
    Front window height limit protection;
    Imported filter raw materials which has good filtration performance, low pressure drop and high strength. HEPA (ISO 5) can filter more than 99.998% of 0.3μm dust particles (optional ULPA (ISO 4) can achieve 99.9995%);
    Preset filter failure and damage alarm technology, when the filter is close to failure or has failed, or the wind resistance increases and the filter is damaged, the control system can automatically start the sound, light and visual alarm;
    Standby mode, when the front window is closed to interrupt the experiment, the device will automatically enter the low-energy standby mode;
    The visual front window meets the ergonomic principle of 10° tilt angle design, which can reduce the glare in a large range and improve the comfort;
    The front window adopts toughened glass, which is explosion-proof, shatter proof and ultraviolet resistance;
    The working chamber adopts SUS304 wire drawing stainless steel, and the lining wall is designed and formed with integrated arc angle, which is convenient for cleaning and eliminating dead corner residues;
    Movable stamping SUS304 drawing stainless steel operating table, solid, durable and easy to clean;
    AC socket with splash proof cover, water and gas interface;
    A liquid collecting tank and a blowdown valve are set under the movable operation table, which are easy to clean and discharge.

    Technical Parameters
    Model BSC-1000A2 BSC-1360A2 BSC-1680A2
    Applicable Number of Person 1 2 2
    Cleanliness Class 100 100 100
    Inflow Air Velocity [m/s] 0.55 0.55 0.55
    Down Airflow Velocity [m/s] 0.35 0.35 0.35
    Noise [dB] ≤67 ≤67 ≤67
    Vibration Half Peak Value [µm] ≤5 ≤5 ≤5
    Illuminance [Lux] ≥650 ≥650 ≥650
    Ambient Temperature [°C] 10~30 10~30 10~30
    Relative Humidity at 25°C [%] ≤70 ≤70 ≤70
    Atmospheric Pressure [Pa] 80~105 80~105 80~105
    Internal Dimensions W×D×H [mm] 900×580×595 1360×580×595 1680×580×595
    Housing Dimensions W×D×H [mm] 1040×770×2135 1500×770×2135 1820×770×2135
    Height of Rack [mm] 630 630 630
    Dimensions of Inflow HEPA [mm] 935×475×70 1395×475×70 1715×475×70
    Dimensions of Exhaust HEPA [mm] 450×420×90 750×420×90 1000×420×90
    Power and Number of Lamp [W/pc] 20 / 1 30 / 1 30 / 1
    Power and Number of UV Light [W/pc] 20 / 1 30 / 1 40 / 1
    Power [W] 1100 1400 1450
    Power Supply [V, Hz] 220±10, 50/60 220±10, 50/60 220±10, 50/60
    Shanghai Boxun Medical Biological Instrument Corp., founded in 1996, formerly known as Shanghai Boxun Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd., professionally manufactures laboratory apparatus and medical equipments. It is a modern enterprise which gathers design, produce, develop, sale and serve as an integral whole, and it is a member of Shanghai Medical Instrument Trade Association. Our company has obtained ISO9001.
    Our products include test chamber, autoclave, drying oven, incubator, clean bench, bio safety cabinet and water bath, etc. They are widely applicable in the fields of pharmaceuticals, sanitary and antiepidemic, environmental protection, agriculture and research, etc.
    In past more than twenty years, our company operates its business with the management philosophy of “customer first, service forever”. We are proud of the supporting with our perfect quality of products and timely service systems. And we sell our products to all parts of the country and overseas.
    Today, we follow the advanced technology from USA and improve the functions of products with humanizational design on the production experience of generation product. Our company will supply you one-stop distribution project of laboratory equipments and medical apparatus, then our products can meet the higher requirements of experiments for you.
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