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Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet With CE
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet With CE
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    Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet With CE
    Vertical flow, airflow direction in the work space down from top to bottom
    Product Description 

    1. Vertical laminar flow, with SUS 304 stainless steel bench board,
    effectively prevents external air into the cleaning work environment.
    2. Centrifuge fan, stable speed,  low noise,  lightly touch air volume-
    control system, five- stage speed control, speed adjustable from 0.2-
    0.6m/s ( initial 0.6m/s, final 0.2m/s )
    3. High quality non- separator HEPA filter, good purification effect.


    Technical Parameter

    Model CJ-1D CJ-1S CJ-2D CJ-2S
    Applicable Station  one person one side one operator two sides two persons one side  two persins two sides
     Airflow Direction Vertical
    Function Cleanliness Class 100
      Collection Efficiency 0.3um particle ≥99.9%
      Colony Count ≤0.5/vessel (petri dish is φ90mm )
      Wind Speed initial:0.6(m/s),final:0.2 (m/s)
      Wind Speed Range 0.2-0.6 (m/s)
      Noise Level ≤62db
      Vibration Semi-Peak Value ≤3um
      Illumination Intensity (Lx) ≥800LX(Activity Center)
      Work Surface Bearing 50kg
    Composition Inner Chamber SUS304 Stainless steel plate
      Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
      Operation door Tempered Glass
      HEPA Filter (mm) 900*500*50 one piece 900*550*50 one piece 1300*500*50 one 1300*550*50 one
      Pre-Filter (mm) 464*360*5 one piece 712*360*5 one piece
      Fluorescent Lamp 16W*2 24W*2
      UV Lamp 20W*1 30W*1
      Top Fan 180W one piece 180W two pieces
      Rated power 240W 440W
    Controller Display LED
      Wind Speed Control Intelligent multi-level adjustable
      Additional Function Built in 2 multi-purpose sockets, high- efficiency filter, sterilization lamp replacement prompt,  foot level adjustment, lighting sterilization one key on/ off
    Specification Inner Size (W*L*H)(mm) 920*580*550 920*630*550 1320*580*550 1320*630*550
      Exterior Size (W*L*H)(mm) 1060*653*1734 1060*703*1734 1460*653*1734 1460*703*1734
      Packing Size (W*L*H)(mm) 1210*775*1 899 1210*825*1899 1610*775*1899 1610*825*1 899
      Max Power of universal socket Single socket:800W
      Current Rating (50/60Hz) AC220V/1.8A AC220V/3.6A
      NW/GW kg 160/200 165/205 200/250 205/255
    Professional manufacturer of Laboratory equipment:
    Drying Oven, Incubator, Heating Mantle, Magnetic Stirrer, Water Baths, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Furnace, Autoclave, Claminar Chamber, Plant Growth Chamber and etc.

    All our FAITHFUL products have passed the CE Certificate.
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