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    • Laboratory in the box

        For Culturing, operating and manipulating cells. Maintains stable hypoxia conditions, with adjustable temperature & humidity.
    • Easy to operate
        Access your workstation quickly & easily with Glove-less Direct Hand Entry. Avoiding cross-contamination and skin allergies caused by rubber gloves.
    • Accurate gas concentration control
        Touchscreen allows real-time monitoring and control the O2, CO2, temperature and humidity.
    • Efficiency & Reliablity
        Standard built-in interlock allows ease of transferring samples into the workstation.
    • Large workload
        The Workstation (DY-D) has two spacious Chambers that allow a variety of monitoring system or imaging system to be integrated inside the workstation, as well as large number of samples.

    • O2 control range: 0.1-23%, in increments of 0.1%
    • CO2 control range: 0.1-20%, in increments of 0.1%
    • Pre-programmable cycling:
        Allows a user-defined timed sequence of up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations
    • Temperature range: 5 °C above ambient to 45.0° C in 0.1° C increments
    • Humidity range: AmbientLab humidity to 80% RH
    • One-touch calibration for O2 sensor
    • Data Log:

        One data set per minute, each set comprises: time, date, O2 (set/actual), CO2 (set/actual)

    DY standard features:
    • Detox sachet                                  • Sleeve ports hand-direct access
    • LED light                                        • O2 & CO2 sensors
    • Low-pressure alarm                       • data Log
    • Petri dish container                       • Internal power sockets

    DY optional accessories
    • Single plate entry system              • Cable Glands
    • Vacuum port connector                • Temperature/humidity recording
    • Internal HEPA air flow                   • Light protective cover
    • Cleaning kit                                   • Gas sample port

    • Cancer research (HIF)                    • Stem cell research
    • Nerve cells research                      • Cardiomyocyte research
    • Respiratory Disease                       • Sleep Disorders
    • Altitude Sickness

        DY-S DY-M DY-L DY-D
      Height  650mm   650mm   1025mm   1025mm 
    External Dimension Width 800mm 830mm 1252mm 1252mm
      Depth 660mm 660mm 797mm 797mm
      Height 420mm 420mm 535mm 535mm
    Internal Dimension Width 500mm 500mm 761mm 761mm
      Depth 460mm 460mm 580mm 580mm
    Maximum Capacity Numer of PetriDish (90mm) 270 270 500 1000
    Work Capacity Numer of Petri Dish (90mm) 200 200 350 700
      Height 200mm 190mm 299mm 299mm
    Interlock Dimension Width 100mm 150mm 176mm 176mm
      Depth 100mm 230mm 366mm 366mm
    Interlock Capacity Numer of Petri Dish (90mm) 10 20 40 40
    Interlock Purge Times   15s 35s 60s 60s

        If you're looking to buy workstations instead of incubators, gas mixers, etc., please consider Baker Ruskinn's workstation. We introduce the workstation of Baker Ruskinn for the first choice to the customers in China. We suggest the customer to Choice the workstation of Maworde if they want customized size and function or they haven’t enough budget for the workstation of Baker Ruskinn's.
    Heilongjiang Maworde Industry and Trade Co, Ltd was established in February 2015. Since the company establishment, the company has always been committed to the development, application and promotion of laboratory instruments, such as gas environment control products. In particular, the hypoxia/anaerobic workstations and chambers have been highly praised by relevant experts in China and abroad. At present, the products developed by our company have achieved a number of national invention patents, and have successfully passed various tests and obtained the CE certificate.

    MAWORDE brand series of high-end products are now available in major scientific research institutions, hospitals and enterprises all over the world, and have been well received. Every working procedure and flow of our products are strictly controlled according to international standards, and we strive to make our products more perfect. We are confident that our products will be praised by every rigorous scientific research customer!

    The company has continuously participated in provincial and municipal innovation competitions and won awards since its establishment. On November 24, 2017, MAWORDE was officially awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise" certificate, which indicates that the company has been recognized by the relevant national departments in terms of research and development and innovation.

    In 2018, our company was listed as a provincial technical research center. We will be deeply committed to research and development in the fields of hypoxia/anaerobic, and provide more intimate and perfect products for the majority of cell and microbial research workers.
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