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Human HTR2C Stable Cell Line-CHO
Human HTR2C Stable Cell Line-CHO
Place of Origin:
United States
Creative Bioarray
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    Catalog #:  ACC-RG0783
    Gene Name HTR2C
    Abbr CHO-HuHTR2C
    Alias HTR2C,HTR1C,5 HT2C,5-HT1C,5-HT-1C,5-HT-2C,HTR1C,5-HT2C,5-HTR2C
    Growth Properties Adherent
    Host Cell CHO-K1

    Located at Long Island, New York, Creative Bioarray was founded as biomedical company focused on providing comprehensive biotechnology and pharmaceutical array services and products for high-throughput analysis. Creative Bioarray uniquely pioneers the development of high quality tissue, antibody, protein and cell array technology to efficiently analyze the concurrent expression and function of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction from a single biological sample.

    Creative Bioarray is a well-recognized service provider propelled by integrity, expertise and the desire to contribute to simplify, improve, and accelerate research speed of the scientists by providing the highest standard quality research products and services. Since it founded, Creative Bioarray had recognized that an important obstacle to make development of basic bioscience and preclinical researches using human specimens is the lack of access to reference materials. Consequently, Creative Bioarray was determined to be the first commercial entity specialized in building up the largest tissue-sharing platform by integrating the detailed clinical information of all the tissue samples.

    Creative Bioarray is continually improving and expanding their products and services line to meet the growing demand of scientists in the biomedical science research. Collaborating with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as hospitals and academic research laboratories all over the world, Creative Bioarray has established one of the largest commercially available bank of paraffin embedded and frozen tissues to meet specific research requirements from different clients. For details, Creative Bioarray has collected information from over 3,000 tissue banks or tissue reservoirs/ depositories in USA, Europe, Asia like China, Korea and other areas of the world, has built up a database that contains over 500,000 human tissue samples and 30,000 animal tissue samples (paraffin embedded and/or frozen tissues).

    If you have any questions, or need more information about our company, don''t hesitate to call us at 1-631-624-4882 or email to . Creative Bioarray is ready and eager to serve you. Because of comprehensive products with excellent quality we are looking forward to making you impressive.
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