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Intelligent cold plate pain threshold detector
Intelligent cold plate pain threshold detector
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Anhui Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Co. Ltd
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    ZH-6C Intelligent cold plate pain threshold detector is an instrument developed for screening acute pain and analgesic drugs, flick reflex test or plantar tenderness test. But these are the normal threshold of stimulus response in animals and belong to a kind of physiological pain. There are essential differences between physiological pain and pathological pain. Physiological pain is a set of alarm systems for self protection for survival, and pathological pain is a disease that prevents survival. Because of the difference between the two kinds of pain and the mechanism, the experimental methods of analgesic drugs are different. For example, some analgesic drugs have good analgesic effects on physiological and pathological pain. But some drugs only have effects on physiological pain, so different experimental methods and instrument can be used to screen different drugs with different action points. ZH-6C Intelligent cold plate pain threshold detector is an instrument that can perform physiological pain experiments and pathological pain experiments on the same instrument.

    The instrument has the following basic requirements, except that the setting temperature is wide (-2℃~65℃), the temperature control accuracy is high (± 0.25℃), and the time error is small (error 0.01 second). It has the advantages of displaying the LCD screen in English, with its own micro printer, the USB microcomputer interface and the animal's full speed, the data display is complete, the observation of the animal is convenient, the time of lifting the foot and the times of lifting the feet are automatically accumulated.

    Technical parameters

    1. Applicable animals: rats, mice, guinea pigs

    2. Fluorine free design, more environmentally friendly

    3. Temperature setting: -2℃ ~65 ℃, adjusted step length of 0.1 ℃

    4. Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.5℃

    5. Timing error:0.01second

    6. The time of 25℃ to 4℃:<3minutes(ambient temperature 20℃ ~30 ℃)  

    7. The time of 25℃ to 55℃:<3minutes(ambient temperature 20℃ ~30 ℃).

    8. Cold plate area:diameter 200mm.  

    9. Observation box size:diameter 210mm×height 280mm.

    10. LCD screen in English display

    11. Internal electric clock and ambient temperature sensor

    12. Hand control button

    13. Connection with the USB port of the PC

    14.Use of ambient temperature:8℃~32℃

    15.Use of ambient humidity:20%RH~80%RH

    16.Power: AC220V±10%  50Hz

    17.Input power: 180W

    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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