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Toe Volume measuring instrument
Toe Volume measuring instrument
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Anhui Zhenghua Biologic Apparatus Facilities Co.,Ltd
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    ZH-ZZY Toe Volume measuring instrument is an instrument for screening and identifying antipyretic drugs.By measuring the detumescence process after swelling of the toe of rats, the instrument was used to evaluate the potency of drugs and to understand the time and efficacy of drugs. The instrument has the advantages of accurate measurement, accurate timing, convenient operation and advanced technology, compared with the foreign products of the same kind, no matter in the structure and accuracy, it has raised a grade, but the requirements for the medium (liquid) and the technical requirements for operation are much lower than those of similar products abroad. It can be said that the instrument is the most advanced and practical instrument for measuring the swelling of toes in China.

    ZH-ZZY Toe Volume measuring instrument is improved on the basis of YLS-7. Under the premise of keeping the original measurement accuracy, the operation method of computer software is adopted. The data need not be input two times, which greatly facilitates the amount of labor of the experimenters. It has also taken a big step in using performance and operation. Let the original operation becomes simpler, more convenient, more accurate and perfect, and achieves a new higher standard.


    Technical parameters

    1. Measured volume range:0-65ml

    2. Measurement error:≤±10ul

    3. Resolving power:≤1ul

    4. Zero setting error:≤±5ul

    5. The inner diameter of quartz measuring cup: ¢=40mm (removable cleaning)

    6. Maximum amount of water in measuring cup: 70ml

    7. Internal battery clocks are used for 10 years

    8. Clock error: <0.83 second / hr

    9. Water surface probe interlocks

    10. Fixed canister with rat

    11. External micro printing, two printing methods (instant printing and storage printing)

    12. Long life and high efficiency backlighting

    13. Brackets with wrist

    14. System memory is not less than 80 sets of 2400 historical data

    15. With USB interface, data can be stored in PC machine for processing

    16. Input voltage: AC 190~250V  50Hz

    17. Power<20W

    18. Volume: 300×250×110mm

    19. Weight: about 7.5kg
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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