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Heilongjiang Tendering Corporation invites International Competitive Bids

hits:4025     Date:03/09/06
Bidding Notice
Date锛歁arch 7, 2006
IFB No.锛0652-064206010009
Entrusted by the purchaser, Heilongjiang Tendering Corporation invite sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding.
1. Name of Products/Equipment, Quantity, and Main technical data锛
High-speed balancing and over speed test facility    1 set
鈶爉ax. rotor weight 225000kg鈶ax. rotor diameter 2500mm鈶rive speed4500 rpm
2. Price of Bidding Documents: USD380 or RMB3000 for each set of bidding document,  extra USD50 (abroad) or RMB50 (domestic) for each package if purchased by mail, not refundable after sale.
3. Time of Selling Bidding Documents锛欱etween 8:30 o鈥檆lock a.m.锝5:00 o鈥檆lock p.m. (Beijing Time), except holiday, starting from now on.
4. Place of Selling Bidding Documents锛歊oom No.503 Heilongjiang Tendering Corporation
5. The Deadline for Submitting Bids: 9:00 o鈥檆lock a.m.(Beijing Time) of March 28, 2006 Time of bid opening: 9:00 o鈥檆lock a.m.(Beijing Time) of March 28, 2006
6.  Place of Bid Opening锛歍he 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Heilongjiang Tendering Corporation
Address锛歂o.180 Hanshui Road ,Harbin , Heilongjiang
Tel 锛 0086-451-82364710 /82364712
Fax锛 0086-451-82364719
Person锛歁r. Li huan  Mr. Jin Baohong
e-mail锛 bidding@ 126.com
Name of Account锛 Heilongjiang Tendering Corporation
The Bank of Foreign Currency Account锛欳hina Everbright Bank Heilongjiang Branch Development Zone Subbranch
Account No.锛083618121400304000123 (USD)
The Bank of RMB Account锛欻eilongjiang Province, Harbin Communications Bank, Gexin Branch.
Account No.锛231000662010149001045锛圧MB锛
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