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CD Genomics RNA Diversifies Its RNA Service Portfolio by Adding Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Hits:162   Date: 11/26/2021
RNA Solutions is the platform that offers services on the revolutionizing study of RNA, targeting both coding and non-coding RNAs of different physiological functions. The scientists at CD Genomics are ready to help detect various types of RNA via meticulous and integrative approaches. To further enrich its service types, the company recently announced to add Whole Transcriptome Sequencing to its offerings. Now scientists and researchers worldwide can easily obtain whole transcriptome sequencing needed in their research projects from CD Genomics.
Whole transcriptome refers to the sum of all RNA (transcripts) transcribed from a specific species, tissue or cell type under a certain period or condition, including mRNA and non-coding RNA (ncRNA). The so-called whole transcriptome sequencing currently mainly detects mRNA and three kinds of ncRNA, namely lncRNA, circRNA and miRNA.
The second-generation sequencing technology can quickly and comprehensively obtain the sequence information and expression information of almost all transcripts of a specific cell or tissue in a certain state. And then accurately analyze the expression differences of different transcripts, gene structure variation, discover unknown transcripts and rare transcripts, screen molecular markers (SNPs or SSR) and other important issues in life sciences.
“Our whole transcriptome sequencing service based on next-generation sequencing technology can analyze mRNA, lncRNA, circRNA and miRNA in the same sample at the same time. Through association analysis, the research content is made more systematic, and it is committed to deeply digging into the transcription regulation problems behind life phenomena.” Said CD Genomics’s Senior Scientist.
Whole transcriptome sequencing has a wide range of applications, such as growth and development regulation (including animal metamorphosis, plant flowering, fruit development, etc.), environmental adaptation mechanisms (including drought, salt tolerance, disease resistance, etc.), immune interaction (including bacteria, fungus, virus infection). The content of bioinformatics analysis of the whole transcriptome is also diverse. In addition to the four types of RNA standard analysis, it also focuses on the joint analysis of targeting networks, co-expression networks, and ceRNA regulatory networks.
In addition to the exploration of the competitive ceRNA network, whole transcriptome sequencing also has a wide variety of applications in clinical research and clinical diagnostics, ranging from standard gene expression analysis to advanced analysis such as pathway and alternative splicing analysis, revelation of cell type and heterogeneity, classification of tissue types and diseases, and prediction of biomarkers.
For more information about CD Genomics’s offering of whole transcriptome sequencing service, please visit the website: for suggestions in case of any questions.
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