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pem electrolyzer cell
pem electrolyzer cell
Origin of place China
Model QLC-70
Supplier Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen CO., Ltd
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Updated 6/6/2019
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Kevin Zhang
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Hydrogen and Oxygen Electrolyzer of water  

-PEM titanum electroliser 

Product Introduction

QLC titanum electroliser is an advanced patented product, which are light , highly effective, energy-saving and of environmental protection , producing hydrogen and oxygen through the electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali). That's PEM technology.  The PEM/SPE electrodes, as the core of titanum electroliser cell , are highly active catalytic electrode with nearly zero distance between the electrodes , which is formed by integrating composite catalyst with and ion membrane with high electrolytic efficiency.


Working Principle


Electrolytic water meeting the requirements (with electrical resistivity >1MΩ/ cm) , after being put into the anode chamber of electrolytic cell, when power is switched on ,will be decomposed at once at the anode : 2H2O = 4H+ + 2O-2. The decomposed negative oxyanion (O-2) will immediately release electron to form oxygen (O2) gas.The hydrogen proton, in the form of aqua ion (H+.XH2 O), and under the action of electric field force, through SPE ion membrane, will arrive in the cathode to absorb electron to form hydrogen gas.



1.used for hydrogen&oxygen generator

2.used for Hydrogen Rich Water machine

3.used for helth care equpment

3.used for experiment


Technical Parameters

1. hydrogen flow: 60/300/500/1020ml/min

2. oxygen flow: 35/150/250/500ml/min

electrolyzer hydrogen water makingelectrolyzer hydrogen water makingelectrolyzer hydrogen water makingelectrolyzer hydrogen water making



Welcome to visit our factory! We could supply customized product according to different technical demand.



Kevin Zhang


Mobile: +8618615696905(whatsapp)
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