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stainless steel fermentor
stainless steel fermentor
Origin of place China
Model BMR-A series
Supplier Shanghai Auzone Bio-engineering Equipment Co.,LTD
Price $20000.00~40000.00
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Update 12/17/2018
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BMR-A series Stainless Steel SIP Fermentor
鈽匢t is a indirect driven with high toque motor fermentor with stainless steel vessel.
鈽匢t contain a ABCS Bioprocess Controller(industry computer /operating system: windows XP) which has a large size LCD screen(12.1鈥 at least ):
鈥 Measurement and control parameters: temperature , pH , DO , agitator speed , antifoam , pressure(manual) , air flowrate(manual)
鈥 Control mode: manual control, automatic control, sequence control
鈥 The controller also can display the trends, historic trends, report forms and so on.
鈥 The date of process will be saved on hard disk(40G) . You can copy or transmit the data to a personal computer and deal with or print on EXCEL-based.
(1) Basic Systems
鈪.Glass Vessel: Total volume:10L~100L(10\20\30\50\70\100 and so on)
Working volume:70%
鈪.Agitation:10L:50~1000rpm卤5rpm锛20~30L锛50~800 rpm卤5rpm锛100L锛50~500 rpm卤5rpm锛
鈪.Temperature :(temperature of cooling media + 5鈩)~50鈩兟0.2鈩
(PID with pulse-width modulation of heater in waterbath & cooling water)
鈪.pH :2.00~12.00卤0.05pH
(Sensor: HAMILTON pH sensor
PID with pulse-width modulation
Two pumps each assignable to function for acid, base.)
鈪.D.O. : 0~150卤3% . Digital display in 0.1% increment
(Sensor: HAMILTON D.O. sensor
PID with pulse-width modulation
Via agitation module or flowrate module)
鈪.Anti-Foam: PID on/off control with a pump
鈪.Nutrition: on/off control with a pump
鈪.Air flowrate: 0~100L/min (control by manual flowmeter or you
can choose automatic control)
鈪.Pressure :0-0.3MPa(manual)
鈪.Electrical Date:Power-110/220AC , 3~5 kW
(2) You can choose some additional functions such as:
鈶 Measurement and control of air flowrate , pressure and level
鈶 Measurement of O2 , CO2 exhausting
鈶 Add two pumps for Nutrition
鈶 Add electron balance systems
Fermentor / Bioreactor

Shanghai Auzone Bio-engineering Equipment CO.,LTD. committed to research of user-oriented, high-class fermentation equipments all along. We provide for your outstanding performance and stable products. We could provide BMR series fermentors which could more adapt to your technics and more convenient for your use because of our consistent with the spirit and long-term accumulation of successful experience. We were able to embody every innovation for our customers fully benefit principle. Each product is you and our engineers conjunct wisdom.

We could provide the following products:
*Glass vessel: total volume 3,5,7,10L or up to you
*Stainless steel vessel: total volume 10~50L or up to you
*Medium-scale: total volume 50~10000L
*Production scale: bigger than 10 steres
Welcome to ask any questions that you care. Your choice is a great encouragement to our work.
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