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CE Lab Spray Dryer
CE Lab Spray Dryer
Place of Origin:
Shanghai Leewen Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd.
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    CE Lab Spray Dryer

    Spray drying is through mechanical action, disperse the material into very fine mist-like particles
    (To increase the evaporation area of water and accelerate the drying process),after contact with hot air, most of the moisture is removed in an instant, and the solid matter in the material is dried to a powder.

    ●The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the atomization structure of the two-fluid spray (precision manufactured by high-quality stainless steel material, compact design, no need for auxiliary equipment, convenient use, long time as new);
    ●Real-time regulation of PID thermostatic control technology (heating temperature, inlet air velocity, peristaltic pump feed rate can be adjusted at any time);
    ●LCD touch screen operation control, Chinese and English operation interface.
    ●The spray head is located in the middle of the drying chamber and can be dried in parallel or counter currently.
    ●The diameter of the dusting powder is normally distributed, the fluidity is very good, and the noise is very low, in line with the national laboratory noise standard.
    ●The latest improvement of the external air compressor, the noise is smaller, the whole machine is stable and vibration-free!
    ●The two-fluid atomizer has a built-in needle anti-blocking design;

    Model LW-030
    Inlet air temp. control 30 ℃-300℃
    Outlet temperature 30 ℃-140℃
    Temp. control accuracy ±1℃
    Evaporation water volume 2000mL/H ~ 3000ml/h
    Max. feed amount up to 3000ml/h (adjustable)
    Min. feed amount 50ml
    Feeding mode peristaltic pump adjustment
    Electric heater power 5KW
    Average drying time 1.0 to 1.5S
    Nozzle dia 0.7mm、1mm、1.5mm、2mm optional and can be customized according to customer requirements;
    Drying chamber dia 500mm
    Machine power 6KW AC220V single phase + ground
    Equipment weight about 160KG
    Equipment dimensions 1450mm (H) × 750mm (L) × 950mm (W)
    Shanghai Leewen Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd. is one of leading professional manufacturing enterprises of low-temperature laboratory equipment and ultrasonic equipment, Photochemical products and other lab testing machine in china.

    Our company’s main products are grouped in 6 series:
    Photocatalytic Reactors
    Spray Dryer| Freeze Dryer
    Ultrasonic Instruments
    Low Temperature Water Bath
    Lab General Instruments

    Through all our staffs joint efforts ,our main products are exported to Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe and The United states, and other countries and regions, now we are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a new future together.

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