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COD Reactor
COD Reactor
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    Compliance with regulations

    WD325 COD reactor is used to digest closed micro refluxCOD vial and can meet USEPA 410. 4.It is easier and safer than traditional open macro reflux method.

    Special COD program
    Just press start/stop button, the reactor starts to heat up to 150℃ and keep for 2-hourcountdown then shut down automatically with 10-sec audio alarm.

    3 additional program settings
    Temperature range setting 60℃ - 200℃ and timer from 1 - 999. Built-in 3 additional heatingprogram settings available for users to store and execute as needed.

    Auto shut off and audio alarm
    WD325 can stop heating then shut off automatically with audio alarm when every program iscompleted.
    Read out:4 digital LED of set temperature, set time, process temperature, residual timedisplay.
    Timer: 1~999 minutes with audible alarm and automatic shutoff or continuous operation.
    Accuracy: ±2℃ (at 150℃ )
    Temperature rang: Fixed 150℃ (COD program) 60℃ ~200℃ , adjustable.
    Housing structure: Stainless steel with powder paint coating
    Block structure: Anodized aluminum
    Power: AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz), 220Watt
    Safety: Hot top indicator (ashing when block temperature is over 70℃ ), Automatic shutoffwhen block temperature is over 210℃
    Block capacity: 25 x 16 mm sample vials, Optional block (8x20mm+6x25mm vial) isavailable.
    * Waste water from factories
    * Water quality in lake, pond and river



    Model COD Reactor
    Display Mode 4-digit LED
    Temperature Range in  ℃ 60 ~ 200
    Temperature Accuracy in ℃ ±2
    Standard Block Capacity 25 x 16 mm
    Timer (min) 1-999 / continuous
    Order No. 179200
    Order No. (Combination Aluminum block for 8 ×20mm+6×25mm vial ) 179100
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