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200g x 1mg Diamond Gold Jewelry Weighing Scale
200g x 1mg Diamond Gold Jewelry Weighing Scale
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YK Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd
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     200g x 1mg Diamond Gold Jewelry Weighing Scale


    1. Single button calibration(Calibration weight supplied)-Calibration is simple, ensuring that the balance will calibrated often during use.
    2. Large glass draft shield with anti-static construction-Allows for weighing of large objects such as flasks, while maintaining protection from environmental conditions.
    3. Counting program-Allows for piece counting applications.
    4. Leveling feet with 2 points of adjustment & spirit level-The balance is easy to level for accurate results even on uneven working surfaces.
    5. Percentage Program-Allows for formalation weighing.
    6. Configurable RS232 interface-Allows communication with peripheral data collection and printing instruments.
    7. Bright backlit LCD Display-Easy to read in all lighting conditions including bright sunlight.
    8. Reads in multiple units-Allows flexibility of weighing accross many disciplines.
    Technical Parameters of Jewelry Weighing Scale
    Precision Weighing Balances Scales
    Model JA2003B
    Weighing Capacity 200g
    Readability 0.001g
    Repeatability 0.002g
    Linearity 0.002g
    Stabilization  Time  Less than 8 s
    Pan Diameter 90mm
    Calibration External Calibration
    Unit Gram, Carat, Ounce
    We welcome your enquiry and please feel free to contact us via email:
    YK Scientific Instrument is a professional manufacturer and exporter of
    As professional designer, manufacturer and OEM producer for laboratory analysis, testing, measuring instruments, which incorporated in January 2006 in Shanghai, China, YK Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd offers products like UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Analytical Balances, Water testing facilities like Conductivity / PH meter, Moisture Analyzer and etc, for varies industries & fields .

    Currently we are producing an exceptional line ofinstruments that are ideal for the following

    -Medical Chemistry
    -Environmental Labs
    -Biochemistry Labs
    -Water/Waste Water Analysis labs
    -Agriculture Labs
    -Petrochemical Labs
    -Food Processing
    -Quality Control Labs
    -DNA/RNA Testing
    -Pharmaceutical Labs
    -Chemistry Labs
    -Hospital and Research Labs
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