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Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Place of Origin:
LEAD-TECH (Shanghai) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd
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    Blood bank refrigerator is the professional blood refrigeration equipment, it also can be used for cold storage of drugs, biological products applies to the blood station, hospitals and epidemic prevention station.

    User friendly
    ◆Microcomputer control, LCD display.
    ◆Glass observation window and interior light.
    ◆Pin type recorder, record operating parameters in real-time.

    ◆Protection function: over temperature limit alarm, door open alarm, sensor fault alarm, power failure alarm, low-battery alarm.
    ◆Acousto-optic alarm mode.
    ◆Built-in back-up battery keeps screen display alarm information after power failure.
    ◆Safety lock design, keep your sample safe.

    Performance description
    ◆Precise control the temperature, set precision is 0.1℃.
    ◆Polyurethane insulation layer.
    ◆External door can be heated to prevent the production of condensed water.
    ◆RS485 interface.
    ◆C-changer defrosting technology: automatically adjust refrigeration output according to different environment, combined with the C.H. heating system to achieve automatic quickly defrosting effect.
    ◆Optional: GPRS SMS Alarm.
    LEAD-TECH (Shanghai) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd is a high-tech laboratory equipment development and manufacturing enterprise. By means of advanced design concepts and ten years of manufacturing management experience of Australia LEAD Company in laboratory equipment manufacturing as well as some domestic scientific and technical personnel engaged in innovative development and high-quality employees, it is dedicated to design and development of high-end laboratory infrastructure, and provides first-class experimental means for technology enterprises, medical institutions, universities and other potential customers to create the perfect career.

    By adhering to the business tenet of “Focusing on Quality and Integrity", we provide customers with comprehensive, full and accurate services to make customers get the maximum value, and create win-win situation with customers. We need to constantly innovate to maintain sync with the international advanced technology, continue to draw on the latest technologies of Europe and America, and serve the society by manufacture of products with a new concept.

    Our products, services and applications:
    1、Manufacture of biological and medical laboratory equipment.
    2、Manufacture of drug and food inspection equipment.
    3、Providing biological and chemical laboratory building programs.
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