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HA500 hydrogen generator
HA500 hydrogen generator
Origin of place China
Supplier DuraSafer锛圔eijing锛塗echnology Ltd.
Price 7800.00RMB
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Updated 10/28/2018
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Instrument specifications and parameters 锛


The output flow rate: 0-500 - ml/min;

Output pressure: 0-0.4 Mpa

The pressure stability: < 0.2%

Hydrogen purity: > 99.999%

The maximum power: 180 w

Output interface: 3 mm or 1/8 (M8 in x 1 external thread)

Secondary protection pressure: 0.5 MP tank volume: 1.5 liters

Water consumption: 25 ml/h

Quality requirement: resistivity 1 m or more Ω/cm

Power supply voltage: AC 230 v (50/60 Hz)

insurance tube: 250 v / 2 a

Working conditions: temperature 10 to 40 鈩, relative humidity 85%, no serious dust

Dimension: 420 * 200 * 200 (L * W * H)

Working pattern: continue to work

Package weight: 15.5 kg

Characteristics of instrument: the instrument is mainly composed of electrolytic system, pressure control system and purification system. Electrolytic hydrogen is the use of advanced membrane separation technology, the infrared electric device to control the pressure, can make hydrogen production according to the demand of automatic adjustment, stable pressure. Can replace high pressure hydrogen cylinder, the use of safe and convenient. Automatic control, easy to operate. Generator internal piping to prevent return liquid device, which can effectively prevent liquid. Can be continuous or intermittent use, stable gas, the purity is not easy to decay. Over-voltage protection device, safe and reliable.

After-sales service: the company's products after receipt of the goods within seven days appear quality problem, can back, two weeks appear quality problem can change. Free warranty for one year, lifelong maintenance service.

 I company of high purity hydrogen generator can provide gas for domestic and foreign various types of chromatograph or carrier, products are widely used in chemical industry, environmental protection, petroleum, paper, electricity, food, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other fields.

 Technical support: 010-56189248 1371807665


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