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SZ02020435 15.7-105.3X Eyepiece Field of View Φ22mm Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope
SZ02020435 15.7-105.3X Eyepiece Field of View Φ22mm Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope
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View Solutions Inc.
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    Optical System Specifications   Optical System Finite
    System Optical Magnification 6.7-45X
    Expandable System Optical Magnification(Optional Parts Required) 2-270X
    Trinocular Optical Magnification 0.335-2.25X
    Standard Eyepiece 10X High Eyepoint Eyepiece
    Standard Objective 1X Built-in Objective
    Standard Coupler 0.5X
    System Field of View Φ4.9-32.8mm
    Expandable System Field of View Φ1-109.5mm
    System Working Distance 100mm
    Expandable System Working Distance 26-287mm
    Trinocular Zoom Body   Body Optical System Finite
    Body Magnification 6.7-45X
    Zoom Range 0.67-4.5X
    Zoom Ratio 1:6.7
    Zoom Operating Mode With Two Horizontal Knobs
    Observe Method Trinocular
    Body Mounting Size for Stand Φ76mm
    Body Mount Type for Coupler Fastening Screw
    Body Mount Size for Coupler 38x34mm
    The Nosepiece Adapter Size for Ring Light Φ54mm
    Eyetube Adjustment Mode Compensating
    Eyetube Angle 45°
    Erect/Inverted Image Erect image
    Eyetube Rotatable 360° Rotatable
    Interpupillary Adjustment 54-75mm
    Eyetube Inner Dia. Φ30mm
    Eyetube Diopter Adjustable ±5°
    Image Port Switch Mode 0/100 Switch Trinocular
    Eyepiece Type Standard Eyepiece
    Eyepiece Optical Magnification 10X
    Plan Eyepiece Plan Eyepiece
    Eyepiece Size for Eyetube Φ30mm
    Eyepiece Field of View Φ22mm
    Eyepoint Type High Eyepoint Eyepiece
    Eyepiece Size for Reticle Φ24mm
    Eye Guard Installation Indepent Eye Guard
    Eye Guard Material Rubber
    Eye Guard Mount Size Φ36mm
    Objective Working Distance 100mm
    Surface Treatment Spray Paint
    Material Metal
    Color White
    Net Weight 1.73kg (3.81lbs)
    Boom Stand   Stand Type Boom Stand
    Vertical Post Height 384mm
    Maximum Vertical Post Extended Length 254mm
    Vertical Post Dia. Φ37.2mm
    Cross Adapter Type Cross Hole Adapter
    Horizontal Arm Type Horizontal Post
    Horizontal Arm Length 544mm
    Horizontal Dia. Φ37.2mm
    Mounting Hole on the Top of Horizontal Arm 5/8″ End Adapter
    Horizontal Rotation Angle 360° Rotatable
    Horizontal Arm Travel Distance on Z-Axis 266mm
    Horizontal Arm Stretch Range 480mm
    Horizontal Arm Maximum Load 9.50kg (20.94lbs)
    Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Horizontal Direction Manual
    Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Z Direction Manual
    Base Type Heavy Duty Base
    Base Shape Rectangle
    Base Dimensions 285x260x15mm
    Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
    Material Metal
    Color Black
    Net Weight 18.14kg (39.99lbs)
    Dimensions 285x260x600mm (11.220x10.236x23.622″)


    76mm E-Arm Holder Adapter Type Φ76mm Scope Holder
    Focus Distance 50mm
    Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation 20mm
    E-Arm Rotation Range on Horizontal Direction 360°
    E-Arm Rotation Range on Z Direction 180°
    E-Arm Mounting Adapter 5/8″ End Adapter
    Center Distance from the E-Arm Adapter to the Scope Holder 130mm
    E-Arm Horizontal Adjustment Screw Horizontal Adjustable
    Surface Treatment Spray Paint
    Material Metal
    Color White
    Net Weight 0.84kg (1.85lbs)
    0.5X Coupler Coupler Mount Type for Trinocular Fastening Screw
    Coupler Mount Size for Trinocular Φ38mm
    Adjustable Coupler Adjustable
    Coupler Magnification 0.5X
    For Camera Sensor Size Under 1/2″
    C/CS-Mount Coupler C/CS-Mount
    Surface Treatment Spray Paint
    Material Metal
    Color White
    Net Weight 0.14kg (0.30lbs)
    Applied For SZ05011131, SZ05011132, SZ05011133, SZ05011151 Trinocular Zoom Body


    10" LCD Display Digital Camera Image Sensor CMOS
    Image Sensor Size 1/2.86″
    Image Sensor Diagonal size 6.592mm(0.260″)
    Camera Maximum Pixels 2.0 Megapixels
    Camera Resolution 1920x1080
    Camera Lens Mount C/CS-Mount
    Transmission Frame Rate 36fps
    White Balance Manual/Auto
    Gain Control Adjustable
    Exposure Control Manual/Auto
    Digital Zoom Function 10X
    Camera Crosshairs Cross Line
    Number of Crosshairs 4 Movable Crosshairs
    Line Color User Defined
    Image Capture Output Format TIFF/JPG/BMP/PNG
    Video Output Format MP4
    System Requirement Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
    Driver Installation Driver free
    Camera Housing Material Plastic
    Camera Housing Size 40x40x58mm
    Camera Housing Color Black
    Max. Supported Memory Card 32G
    Screen Size 10″
    Screen Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Monitor Signal Format NTSC/PAL Auto-Switch
    Monitor Max. Resolution 1080P
    Screen Backlight LED
    Input Voltage DC 12V
    Net Weight 0.65kg (1.43lbs)
    Dimensions 280x200x55mm (11.024x7.874x2.165″)

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