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BT900 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter
BT900 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter
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    Bante900 multi-parameter meter is capable of measuring up to 9

    water quality parameters, including pH, ORP, Ion, Conductivity

    TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen, etc.


    General Features:

    Automatic Temperature Compensation ensures high accuracy

        of measurements.

    Calibration due reminder helps you to calibrate meter regularly.

    Automatic endpoint function freezes stable measured values.

    Help message as a operational guide to helps you understand

        how to use meter.

    Setup menu lets user customize the calibration points, stability

        conditions, date and time to meet  measurement requirements.

    Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings.

    Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meets GLP.

    USB communication interface.



    pH Mode:

    During the pH mode, Up to 5 points push-button calibration with auto-

        buffer recognition.

    Selectable pH buffer standards and resolution (0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH).

    Automatically calculates and  displays electrode slope  that helps you

        decide whether to replace pH electrode.


    ORP Mode:

    Single point  offset calibration allows user  adjusts displayed value to

        a known standard.

    Absolute or Relative  mV measurements provides accurate readings.


    Ion Mode:

    Standard BNC connector can connects many Ion Selective Electrode.

    2 to 5 points push-button calibration from low to high concentrations.

    Selectable multiple concentration units, including ppm, mg/L, mol/L.

    Direct readout ion concentration simplifies measurement process.

    mV measurement allows user to check performance of ion electrode.


    Conductivity Mode:

    Up to 5-point push-button calibration allows user to uses customized

        calibration solutions.

    Adjustable TDS factors, cell constants, temperature coefficients and

        normalization temperature (20°C or 25°C).

    Selectable linear or pure water compensation modes.

    In salinity measurement modes,  selectable practical salinity  (PSU) or

        seawater measurement standard (ppt).




    Dissolved Oxygen Mode:

    1 or 2 points auto-calibration (100% in saturated air or air-saturated

        water, 0% in zero oxygen solution).

    Manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation.

    Selectable readout in ppm, mg/L or % saturation.


         Model   Bante900      
       pH Range   -2.000~20.000pH    
       pH Accuracy   ±0.002pH    
       Resolution   0.001, 0.01, 0.1pH, Selectable
       Calibration Points   Up to 5 points
       Calibration Solutions   USA(pH1.68/4.01/7.00/10.01/12.45), NIST(pH1.68/4.01/6.86/9.18/12.45), DIN (pH1.09/4.65/6.79/9.23/ 12.75)
       Ion Concentration Range   0.001~19999ppm, mg/L, mol/L (Depending on measuring range of Ion Selective Electrode)
       Ion Concentration Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale (Monovalent), ±1% Full Scale (Divalent)
       Calibration Points   2 to 5 points
       Calibration Solutions   0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000ppm
       mV Range   -1999.9~1999.9mV
       mV Accuracy   ±0.2mV
       Resolution   0.1, 1mV, Selectable
       Conductivity Range   0~20mS/cm (Max.200mS/cm)
       Conductivity Accuracy   ±0.5% Full Scale
       Calibration Points   Up to 5 points
       Calibration Solutions   10uS/cm, 84uS/cm, 1413uS/cm, 12.88mS/cm, 111.8mS/cm
       TDS Range   0~10ppt (Max. 20ppt, Depending on factor setting)
       TDS Accuracy   ±1% Full Scale
       TDS Factor   0.1~1.0 (Default 0.5)
       Salinity Range   0~10ppt (Max.80ppt)
       Salinity Accuracy   ±1% Full Scale
       Salinity Measurement Modes   Practical Salinity (PSU) or Seawater Measurement Standard (ppt)
       Resistivity Range   0~100MΩ
       Resistivity Accuracy   ±1% Full Scale
       Resolution   0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, Automatic
       Temperature Coefficient   0.0~10.0% per °C
       Compensation Modes   Linear or Pure Water
       Cell Constant   K=0.1, 1, 10, Selectable
       Normalization Temperature   20°C or 25°C
       Dissolved Oxygen Range   0.00~20.00mg/L or ppm
       Resolution   0.01mg/L
       Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy   ±0.2mg/L
       % Saturation of Oxygen   0.0~200.0%
       Accuracy   ±2.0%
       Salinity Correction   0~50g/L
       Pressure Correction   60.0~112.5kPa, 450~850mmHg
       Temperature Range   0~105°C, 32~221°F
       Temperature Accuracy   ±0.5°C, ±0.9°F
       Temperature Calibration   Manual
       Temperature Compensation   0~100°C, 32~212°F, Automatic or Manual; DO Mode: 0~50°C, 32~122°F, Automatic
       Auto-Off   Manual or Automatic (10, 20, 30 minutes after last key pressed, Selectable)
       Hold Function   Manual or Automatic endpoint
       Stability Conditions   Low or High, Selectable
       Calibration due reminder   1 to 30 days or Off
       Reset Function   Yes
       Memory   500 data sets with Date/Time stamping
       Output   USB Communication Interface
       Connector   BNC and 6-pin connector
       LCD Display   Custom dual-display LCD (130×110mm)
       Power Requirements   DC5V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz
       Dimensions   210(L)×188(W)×60(H)mm
       Weight   1.2kg
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