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Manifold filtration
Manifold filtration
Origin of place China
Model C6, C3, C2, C1
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Update 11/19/2018
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They have been designed specifically for applications in which the particles or microorganisms retained on the membrane filter surface are of interest. Simple handling is very important regarding routine examinations. Stainless steel taps in the base allow the vacuum to be turned on and off.

Stainless steel and PP funnel for choice.




- Filter head is detachable, easy to sterilize key parts.
- Multi-head support can be controlled individually. 
- Much bigger filtration area and much fast filtration rate.
- Accept 47mm and 50mm membrane.
- Filter head accept flame fast sterilization.
- Special Taking membrane groove, easy to take off membrane.
- Filtration support can be moist heat sterilization.

Technical Parameter      

Volume of PP Funnel: 270ml
Scale of Funnel: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250ml with annular scale line
Membrane Diameter: 47mm and 50mm
Effective filtration area: 12.5 cm2
W x H: 105mmx135mm
Material of Funnel: PP and Stainless Steel
Material of Support: Stainless Steel

Filter head: Detachable, screw it with holder
Filter head: 6- place   

SS funnel: SS100(100ml), SS250(300ml), SS500(500ml)


Option: pp funnel, ss funnel(100ml, 300ml, 500ml), lid of ss funnel(300ml), clamp of ss funnel, diaphragm vacuum pump, sterile membrane, flame sterilization tool, tweezer, tweezer stand, flask fittings




a. Disease Control: Microbiological test for legionella,the public water and food.
b. Pharmaceutical Industries: Microbial limit test and chemical analysis for pharmaceutical water, drugs and raw material.
c. Food & Beverage: Bottled water, water in container, beer, beverage and raw material of liquid applied in production process.
d. Filtration treatment in chemical, cosmetic, electron industries.
e. Quality supervision inspection.
f. Water plant, water supply and sewerage.

Hangzhou Geevo Technology Company Limited is a science & technology enterprise of Zhejiang province, high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou.
Integrated with production, research and sale .
Located in Yuhang Economic & Technical Development Area, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
Committed to the technology of microbiology test and material containment transfer.
High attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, insist on technological innovation, having numbers of national patent
We deliver the highest quality solutions globally across the pharma, chemical, quality control, biotech and food beverage industries.

"Our product are used widely in disease control, pharmaceutical and biological industries, environment protection organization, quality supervision bureau, biological safety lab, food & beverage, water supply and cosmetic. Product have already been covered in disease control at all levels, the food and drug control, quality inspection, pharmaceutical companies, water plant, food and beverage production enterprises, pharmaceutical research institutions, and also exported well in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia and southeast Asia, covering the country such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Zambia, Salvador, Egypt, etc. with good reputation.
Focus on Quality, Service by Heart鈥 as Geevo鈥檚 core value. Company not only provides the high quality professional products, but also established a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, supply comprehensive support for the customers who the selection of Geevo鈥檚 Product.
Main product
Microbiology test technology: C membrane filtration system, CF manifold filtration system, solvent filter, sterility test device, media dispensing system, etc.
Material containment transfer technology: split butterfly valve(伪尾 Valve)-Conventional , split butterfly valve(伪尾 Valve)-clean/sterilization in place, stainless steel barrel, etc. other devices.
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