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Stability test chambers
Stability test chambers
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XT5418-DPC Series
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    Function introduction:
    • Full range of features to support ICH Q1A (R2) and Q1 B Guidelines for temperature testing, humidity testing, visual and UVA exposure testing, accelerated testing and long term testing
    • Record and alarm system to meet require-ments of GMP and cGMP
    • Patented stepper valve hot gas by-passing and dynamic temperature and humidity control for efficient long-term uninterrup-ted operation
    • Programmable temperature and humidity control for varieties of climatic conditions. Flash memory for operation parameters and test data
    • Integrated instant electric heating steam generator and automatic level regulated water supply system provide continuous reliable additive humidity
    • 7 in high resolution true color TFT touch screen for data input for equipment opera-tion, programming data of temperature, humidity, alarm history and operating status, in text, graphic symbols and curves
    As Zhejiang Provincial High Technology Enterprise, supported by Innovation Fund for Technology-based Firms in 2004, Xutemp is a leading manufacturer of constant temperature instrument for laboratories. Except for the standard product line listed below, Xutemp provides service for designing and manufacturing of varieties of special products based on temperature technology, covering temperature range from -90 to +400℃, with stability from ±0.002 to 0.5℃. When temperature matters, please contact Xutemp.

    Applications include: medicals and pharmaceuticals, defense and military, petroleum chemicals, air and space, civil engineering, industry and agriculture, biologics and life science, and metrologicals for detection, calibration, study and research.

    Product line: low temperature bath circulators, ultra-low temperature bath circulators, precision liquid baths, precision calibrating baths, precision heating baths, recirculating chillers, refrigerated incubators, climatic chambers, environmental test chambers, and dynamic temperature circulators covering temperature range from -80 to +200℃. OEM for temperature devices is most welcome.

    Xutemp"s products are popular both in China and purchasers from all over the world. Benefits come from the expertise of highly precise dynamic temperature control and ultra-low, large capacity refrigeration, active faculty in CAD/CAM and up-to-date CNC sheet metal working and advanced foam-in-place machines, which ensure that every custom product meets the national standards and those of Xutemp.

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