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Line-gene Real-time PCR Detection System
Line-gene Real-time PCR Detection System
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    is a complete real-time PCR detection system that can detect and quantitate nucleic acid sequences by monitoring fluorescence value during the PCR process. With innovative design on hardware and software, the unit is an ideal tool for research use in the field of gene analysis.

    • Long life blue LED light Source
    • Extremely sensitive PMT detection module
    • Sandwich thermo-electronic (TE) module
    • Easy yet powerful software
    • Data Export

    Thermal-electronic (TE, Peltier) module
    The special designed sandwich TE module fits both sides of the sample block well so that can deliver the temperature rapidly and reduce the vertical temperature gradient across different sample blocks, which ensures accurate controlling of PCR reaction temperature.

    Blue LED light source with a sensitive PMT detection module
    The long life blue LED light source doesn't need maintenance or preheating. And the sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT) offers high sensitivity, broad dynamic range and low crosstalk. With the innovative design to put the light source and the detection module on the bottom of the sample tube, the measurement to the fluorescence is extremely sensitive.


    Absolute quantification
    After quantitative analysis for the standards, the instrument will get a standard curve related to Ct value and copy number. Combining standard curve with the Ct value of unknown samples, the instrument can count the original copy number of unknown samples by quantitative analysis. Line-gene has a wide linear detecting range, which can detect copies.

    The graph above is a result of a series of standards amplified by Line-gene . The standards are seven(7) grades of gradient diluted EGF samples with known concentration. The probe is labeled with FAM. And the graph below is the standard curve that instrument gets.

    Relative quantification
    When doing the relative quantification, the instrument doesn't make the standard curve, however, it offers the relative expression level of samples by comparing to inner standards. The relative quantitative detection procedure and result analysis are all finished automatically by software of Line-gene .
    SNPs Detection
    Line-gene system is a multicolor fluorescence detection system and can carry out the detection analysis of SNPs.

    Meltin curve analysis
    Line-gene system can do melting curve analysis and finish such experiments as qualifying, identifying and mutation analysis.

    Program setting - easy operation
    The program setup interface offers easy operation of program setting and data presentation.

    Program running - intuitive process
    This interface offers the intuitive graphs so to monitor the PCR process real-time.

    Powerful analyzing functions
    The analysis interface offers easy yet powerful functions for data analysis. It provides many automatic analyzing options, including quantitative analysis and melt-curve analysis.

    Database inquiry
    The features of data inquiry and data export offer the useful tool to consult the history data or to get raw data for research.

    Detection Format

    Detection Channel

    Reporter Dye

    Simple probe

    530 nm


    TaqMan format

    530 nm


    SYBR Green I

    530 nm

    SYBR Green I

    Hybridization probe

    640 nm

    710 nm

    LC 640

    LC 705

    Templates Copies

    Concentration CV







    Sample Capacity

    33 x 0.2 ml

    Dynamic Range


    Sample Volume Rang


    Excitation Light


    Wavelength, Detecting

    530nm, 640nm, 710nm

    Detecting Fluorescence

    FAM, SYBR GreenⅠ,LC705, LC640


    30–99 °C

    Heating Rate (Max)

    ≥ 4.0°C /sec

    Cooling Rate (Max.)

    ≥ 4.0°C /sec

    Block Temp. Uniformity

    ≤ ±0.4 °C

    Temp. Accuracy

    ≤ ±0.3°C

    Temp. Range of Hot Lid


    Power Supply

    AC220V 50Hz 800W

    Size (mm)

    514 x 456 x 245(L x W x H)

    Operating System

    Windows 2000/XP

    Net Weight

    23 kg (without computer)

    As a Japanese wholly owned enterprise, BIOER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the manufacturing base of the Bio Flux Corporation whose headquarter lies in Tokyo, Japan. BIOER is committed to researching and manufacturing of hi-tech products for life science applications. Years of experience and technical know-how have been developed into three product lines: life science instrumentation, related reagents and disposables and general laboratory instrumentation,such as Real-time PCR systems, thermal cyclers, cooling & heating blocks,Nucleic Acid Purification Systems, HBV, HCV, HIV, GMO, nucleic acid purification kits and all kinds of constant temperature baths. These products are recognized in both the overseas and domestic markets and have won praise from customers all over the world, including: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia & USA.

    BIOER moved to its new state of the art facility in September 2003 that occupies a floor space of 16,000 square meters . BIOER uses the latest computer technology throughout its production process and strictly follows international ISO 13485 standards aiming at creating a first-class brand and products with first-class after-sales services for its clients.
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