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COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (For Self-Test) (Nasal Swab)
COVID-19 Antigen Test Kit (For Self-Test) (Nasal Swab)
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COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test SARS-CoV-2
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    • CE Marked 
    • Effective in detecting Omicron, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta variants
    • Certificates: CE, EU Common List, UK CTDA, the Philippines FDA, Thailand FDA, Malaysia MDA, etc.
    • Multilanguage Package and User Manual Optional

    Intended Use
    Getein One Step Test for SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Colloidal Gold) is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human nasal swab samples and to help the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. 

    *This test is used for self-test

    When to Use a Test Kit?

    Use this test:
    - If you want to test yourself.
    - If you have symptoms similar to COVID-19, such as: E.g. headache, fever, cough, sore throat, loss of the sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, muscle pain.
    - If you are concerned that you have come into contact with COVID-19.
    - Use of the test by persons under 18 years of age only under the supervision of an adult.

    Package specifications: 1 T/kit, 5 T/kit, 7 T/kit, 25 T/kit
    A kit contains:
    1) SARS-CoV-2 antigen test card
    2) Extraction tube with sample extraction solution and tip
    3) Sterile swab
    4) Biohazard sample bag
    5) User manual: 1 piece/kit
    Getein Biotech, Inc. (SSE stock code:603387) is a fully integrated in vitro diagnostic company that develops, manufactures and distributes analytical medical devices as well as a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits, dedicated to making diagnostics more accessible, more affordable, and more equitable for humanity. Since its foundation in 2002, Getein Biotech has launched 10 advanced technology platforms and possesses more than 200 independent intellectual property products. Headquartered in Nanjing, China, Getein Biotech has grown steadily and rapidly in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. At present, the products and services of Getein Biotech are available in over 140 countries.
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