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Intelligent CO2 Incubator
Intelligent CO2 Incubator
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    Product description                 
    The intelligent CO2 incubator is used in a wide range of fields, such as cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus research, cytology and genetic engineering research. It is an ideal device for modern medicine, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science research.
    KWF CO2 incubator, air jacket and water jacket heating adopt advanced pollution control technology, which can protect your precious cells, reduce the loss of time and resources, and increase the stability of antibacterial technology. Convenient and quick humidity recovery scheme, fan assisted cavity air circulation, protect the culture.
    In the process of the experiment, the door needs to be opened frequently, and the infrared control technology is the ideal choice. Infrared technology is very sensitive to the change of CO2 concentration and is not affected by other conditions inside the incubator. The measurement accuracy is high, which avoids the influence of temperature and humidity in the incubator when the traditional thermal conductivity probe monitors CO2 concentration. If the door is closed 30 seconds after the door is opened, it can return to the set concentration of 5% CO2 within ≤ 3 minutes. Even in the case of multiple users and frequent door opening and closing, it can still keep the CO2concentration in the box fast, stable and uniform.
    Structural features           
    ● Advanced touch color screen and LCD Display,microprocessor intelligent control, screen instead of traditional button operation mode, easy to operate, easy program editing. Clear image digital display and intuitive touch. Stable temperature control, high precision, with the function of over temperature sound and light alarm.
    ●The inner liner is made of high quality stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, easy cleaning and never rusting.
    ●Double door structure: After the outer door is opened, the laboratory experiment is observed through the inner door made of high strength toughened glass. Temperature and humidity are not affected. Buffer glass inner door, effectively ensure the safety of samples.
    ●CO2 is controlled by imported infrared technology.
    ●Efficient heating design, full surface heating in the cavity, providing accurate temperature control and uniformity.
    ●Independent door heating system can effectively avoid the condensation phenomenon on the inner door glass and prevent the possibility of microbial contamination caused by condensation water of the inner door glass.
    ●The box is equipped with ultraviolet sterilizing lamp, which can disinfect the culture room regularly, so as to prevent cell pollution during culture more effectively.
    ●Mirror stainless steel inner wall and concave corner, easy to clean incubator. Laser piercing stainless steel shelf can be adjusted freely according to the needs of experiments, without tools, simple and convenient.
    ●The CO2 inlet is equipped with HEPA efficient microbial filter, which can effectively filter particles with diameter (> 3 microns), and the filtration efficiency reaches 99.99%. It can effectively filter bacteria and dust particles in CO2 gas (optional).
    Temperature parameter:
    Sensor type: PT100;
    Measurement range: - 20 ~ 110.0 ℃;
    Control range: 0 ~ 100.0 ℃; (the maximum range can be modified)
    Control accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃; temperature fluctuation: ≤± 0.3 ℃
    Control mode: fuzzy PID control; (over temperature with relay protection)
    CO2 parameter:
    Sensor type: original imported infrared type;
    Measurement range: 0.0 ~ 21.0%;
    Control range: 1.0-20.0%;
    Control accuracy: ± 0.1%; temperature fluctuation: ≤± 0.3%
    Working environment:
    Power supply: AC100 ~ 246v (50 / 60Hz);
    Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ 50 ℃; relative humidity: 40 ~ 93% RH (no condensation);
    technical parameter    
    CPJ80L CPJ160L CPWJ(80L) CPWJ(160L)
    Electrical Requirement 220V 50HZ
    Input Power 450W 720W 680W 950W
    Heating Method Air-jacketed Water-jacketed
    Temperature Range RT+5~50℃
    Temperature Control 0.1℃
    Temperature Stability ±0.3℃
    CO2 Range 0~20%IR sensor CO2precision  ±0.1%
    Display Advanced touch color screen and LCD Display
    CO2 Recovery ≤Calibration ×1.2min
    Humidifying  Method Natural evaporization
    Ambient temperature +5~35℃
    Capacity 80L 160L 80L 160L
    Inner Dimension (mm)W×D×H 500×400×400 500×500×650 400×400×500 500×500×650
    Overall Dimension (mm)W×D×H 570×580×820 660×680×950 590×590×855 690×690×1050
    Shelves per Chamber(Normal) 2(pcs) 3(pcs) 2(pcs) 3(pcs)
    Optional parts: (the delivery time of additional optional parts will be extended accordingly)
    1. RS485 / 232 interface and communication software
    2. Special CO2 pressure reducing valve
    3. Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system)
    4. HEPA high efficiency filter
    5. Other parts can be customized according to user’s requirements

    Beijing KWF Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, producing and selling laboratory equipment and instruments. Our product range includes oven&incubator;ultrasonic cleaning equipment;electronic dehumidity cabinet;uv/vi spectrophotometer;analytical & precision balances and lab water purification systems.

    Due to our long experience in this field, our outstanding technical resources and our focus on customer satisfaction our products are of premium quality and highest performance.

    We welcome all enterprises, domestic and foreign, to contact us for a mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.
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