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Vacuum pump for Microbial limit test
Vacuum pump for Microbial limit test
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    Small size for ease of use in laminar flow hoods

    Low noise

    Easy to clean and disinfection

    Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

    Weight: 3.5kg



    Air flow rate: ≥25L/min(pumping flow)

    Vacuity: 30Kpa(absolute pressure);-70Kpa(relative pressure)

    Drainage tube: silicone, inner diameter φ7mm-φ11mm



    About TAILIN

    1.    Introduction

    Founded in 2002, Tailin is a national high-tech enterprise.

    After decades’ effort on innovation, Tailin has become a leading enterprise in microbial test and control.

    We own 90 national patents including 16 invention patents.

    Tailin drafted many national and Industry standards in the name of first author.

    A number of technologies and products are collected in "Chinese Pharmacopoeia".

    Tailin is capable of manufacturing full range products for microbial test and aseptic processing, such as sterility test pump, canister, VHPS generator, aseptic isolators and glove integrity tester etc.


    2.    Business Scope

    Tailin provide the systemized solution for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, mainly includes the following products & services:

    Isolator technologies basis on flexible & rigid wall:

    ——aseptic dispensing isolator;

    ——aseptic sterility test isolator;

    ——negative pressure protection isolator;

    ——RTP、AIRLOCK isolator、BIBO know-how、PUSH-PUSH know-how;

    ——glove integrity tester;

    Vapor hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination technologies

    —— VHPS in-built pass box: normal pressure/vacuum;

    ——mobile VHPS generator;

    ——Intelligent self-walking robot VHPS generator;

    ——multi-point VHPS sterilization system;

    ——long distance central distribution VHPS sterilization system;

    ——fog H2O2 generator;

    ——H2O2 sterilization monitor unit.
    TAILIN Bioengineering Co., Ltd(STOCK CODE:300813) is established in 2002 and become the most professional and influential bioengineering equipments manufacturer in China today.

    But we know it clearly that the competitive will be tougher and tougher. We have to keep moving, that’s why we put lots of capital in R&D, and our products have gotten more than 100 patents in China.

    We also know the R&D is only part of the core competence, what’s more important is the management. In order to improve our management, our company has gotten certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Most of our equipments have CE certificates. We drafted many National and Industry standards in the name of first author.

    We know it well that the R&D and good management are far from enough to an excellent company. Satisfaction from customers has always been the most important. Thus, the CRM system is introduced to keep a record of every step to follow up the customers’ requirements. Complete validation service is provided to reduce customers’ workload; every sound from customer no matter criticism or complaint is welcomed, since we take them as the motivation to promote our products and service.

    But we know we are still far from enough to become a excellent company, and we are still younger compare to the great transnational companies. In order not disappoint our customers, we have to keep hard working and growing.
    We are still and always on the road to be better, would you like togrow together with us?
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