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Soil Temperature And Humidity Meter
Soil Temperature And Humidity Meter
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    Soil Temperature And Humidity Meter HLY-WD02 Introduction:
    HLY-EXWD02 adopts imported chip high-quality soil moisture sensor to measure soil moisture, which is very suitable for recording soil temperature and humidity data for a long time. The collection time can be set arbitrarily from 1 second according to the user's demand. The data can be exported quickly through USB interface, which is very convenient. This product can be expanded into GPRS wireless data transmission form according to the demand. It does not need to arrive at the scene, but only needs to log in the platform at the address with network to see or download the data.


    Product features:
    1. This product has the features of beautiful appearance, hand-held / wall hanging / sitting, USB interface, reliable performance, high cost performance, recyclable use, no loss of power-off data, etc.
    2. Main functions: it can automatically track and record the change of soil temperature and humidity in the whole process, display the clock, temperature and humidity value online, realize the temperature and humidity overrun LCD horn display and audio alarm functions (it is not recommended to open this function in the field).
    3. Adopt stable USB communication interface:
    ① Data export is convenient, which can be directly exported by notebook mobile connection, without analyzing data on a desktop far away from the office;
    ② The software operation instrument can automatically connect, download and save data, which makes the operation more convenient;
    ③ The unique USB power supply design can download data normally even when the internal battery is dead;
    4. Long storage time: for example, data is recorded once every 15 minutes, which can be stored for up to 5.7 months (standard configuration). It can be customized and expanded.
    5. It can expand the short message alarm function, the field soil temperature and humidity changes, your mobile phone will receive the message exceeding the standard at the first time, in addition, you can also query the change of soil temperature and humidity at any time by short message.
    6. The circuit of the whole machine adopts low-power processing and high-capacity built-in lithium battery for power supply, without external battery and external power supply, but with external power supply function. It can be recorded for one month by using built-in lithium battery power supply alone. It is not recommended to use external power supply in the field.
       In the case of an external power adapter, the lithium battery does not need to be powered to keep the power consumption.
    7. Instant start / timing start / manual start: various start modes are selected; with exclusive manual start and start functions, it is the only data recorder with continuous button on / off in the market, leading in China and leading in the world.
    8. Data recorder software:
    ① The interface is simple, easy to use, extremely easy to operate, without professional training; temperature, humidity data, tracking process curve trend, maximum value, minimum value, average value display is easy to view, clear and clear at a glance.
    ② The data stored and recorded can be backed up and saved in office format such as database file, TXT, word, Excel, etc., which is convenient for later calling.
    ③ The soil temperature and humidity data report and curve chart can be checked and printed by computer.
    ④ The software has bilingual version in Chinese and English, and the operation language of the software can be switched by itself without installing multiple versions; the English version has international universality.
    ⑤ The curve chart is in line with the international standard. It has the function of setting the color of the over limit area, which makes the display more intuitive and more convenient for customers.
    ⑥ The curvilinear coordinates can be set and moved by themselves, and the analysis of historical trend is clearer and time grasp is clearer.
    ⑦ Fully compatible with all 32-bit Windows systems on the market, including the latest vista


    Soil Temperature And Humidity Meter HLY-WD02 Technical Date:
    LCD: 40mm×62mm
    Measurement range: -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, 0 ~ 100% RH
    Accuracy: ±0.5 ℃(whole process), ± 3% RH
    Resolution: 0.1 ℃, 0.1% RH
    Sensor type: high quality NTC imported chip high quality soil moisture sensor
    Recording capacity: 32768 sets of data
    Recording interval: the shortest recording interval is 1s. You can choose to set the sampling recording interval in seconds, minutes, hours and days.
    Display refresh: real time/sync
    Start mode: immediate start/timed start/manual start
    Stop mode: until full/FIFO/times stop/timing end
    Alarm mode: "LCD prompt" plus "built in buzzer, sound alarm"
    Power supply mode: "built in high capacity 3.6V lithium battery" and external power supply interface (12V power supply)
    Recorder software: simplified, traditional and English
    Communication: USB data cable
    Support system: Windows7.0/8.0/10.0 system
    Size recorder: 102 × 109 × 29 mm
    soil moisture sensor: 131 × 45 × 14 mm
    temperature sensor: φ5mm * length optional
    Weight: 388g
    Working environment: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (complete machine and soil moisture sensor)


    Product configuration:
    Soil temperature and humidity recorder (including soil moisture sensor, soil temperature sensor, high capacity lithium battery), recorder software (f-link), USB data cable, external power adapter, instructions, etc
    Wuhan Hanliny Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the optical valley high tech Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of soil testing instruments, plant testing instruments and environmental testing instruments. It is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The main products include soil/fertilizer Nutritional Parameters, soil temperature and humidity meter, soil moisture meter, soil conductivity meter, soil salinity meter, soil moisture temperature and salinity meter, soil pH/Eh tester, soil three parameter tester, soil moisture station, soil drill, soil drill comprehensive suit, root drill suit, original soil sampler, etc.; photosynthetic instrument, Leaf transpiration rate meter, Plant respirometer, canopy analyzer, root scanning analysis system, chlorophyll meter, leaf area meter, stem strength meter, leaf thickness meter, etc.; weather station, handle weather station, greenhouse environmental station, greenhouse environmental recorder, temperature and humidity recorder, CO2 recorder, rainfall record Instrument, solar radiation recorder and other instruments.
    The company's products are mainly used in agriculture, forestry, teaching, scientific research, meteorology, environment and other fields. It cooperates with many agricultural universities, scientific research institutions, agricultural extension stations, soil and fertilizer stations, agricultural and forestry bureaus, etc., and has been unanimously praised by customers. The company adheres to high-quality after-sales service, technical training for each sold instrument, regular return visit, Q & A, deeply trusted and supported by users.
    Hanliny adheres to the concept of innovation and pragmatism, pursuit of excellence, sincerity and customer first, will adhere to the research and development of more advanced instruments and equipment, and serve customers with high-quality products, quality and preferential prices.
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