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JN-10HC Ultra-high Pressure Homogenizer
JN-10HC Ultra-high Pressure Homogenizer
Place of Origin:
Guangzhou Juneng Biology & Technology Co., LTD.
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    Operating pressure 0~207Mpa adjustable
    Homogenization temperature 4~80℃ adjustable
    Flux 10L/h
    Power required 380V 2.5KW
    Dimensions (mm) 680*600*1040

    Typical Applications
    Fat Emulsion, Liposome;
    Lipid nanoparticles, Nano-suspension etc

    Samples are forced to go through small orifice at high speed by the ultra-high pressure, which is generated by hydraulic power. At the effect of the shearing, hole and impact, samples are dispersed and emulsified. Moreover inlet, treating process and outlet of the samples can be operated in 4℃~80℃ circulating water bath, which can satisfy various requirements and guarantee good effect.

    Standard features
    ★ Globally unique operation, which inlet, treating process and outlet of the sample operate in 4~80℃ circulation water bath, which can satisfy various requirements and guarantee good effect. (An optional heating/cooling circulation device is required)
    ★ Operating pressure is adjustable from 0 to 2070bar , to meet the needs of nano-pharmaceuticals.
    ★ Key component is imported from Germany, with a longer service life
    ★ Adopted hydraulic power; the pressure of the equipment is stable, even operate on and off randomly under high pressure.
    ◆Advanced and new pollution-free materials fit the food production and drug manufacture’s requirements.
    ◆Original washing system and imported, inner wall mirror polished 316 L stainless steel pipes, to prevent residue samples.
    ◆Can be cleaned up and sterilized in situ.
    ◆Automatic sampling, continuous process.
    ◆The pump is made of high-strength stainless-steel.
    ◆Utilizing mechanical cell disintegration, no chemical residue.
    ◆Specially-designed metal seals, eliminated the need for rubber seals.
    ◆Easy operation, convenient maintenance, cost-effective.

    See below to get more information:
      a) Just tap the screen to operate equipment;
      b) Historical operating records can be stored (save time one week), meet the standards of GMP;
      c) Alarm function and automatic protection if the process moves outside warning line;
      d) Digital display of system pressure and high pressure;
      e) Preservation of historical alarm records for easy reference and maintenance.
      f) Real time display of working pressure curve;
      g) Sampling record can be stored (save time one week);
      h) Password protection for operating system.

    Some Honorable Customers in China
    Research Institutions and Production-oriented Companies:
    1. Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    2. Institute of Biophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences
    3. Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
    4. Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS
    5. Institut Pasteur of Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences
    6. Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    7. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
    8. Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS( Phase II)
    9. Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica , Chinese Academy of Sciences
    10.Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (TIB, CAS.)
    11.CanSino Biotech Inc.
    12.Wuhan Institute Of Virology,Chinese Academy Of Sciences
    13.Institute of Pathogen Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences& Peking Union Medical College
    14.Institute of Basic Medical Sciences (IBMS) of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and School of Basic Medicine (SBM) of Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)
    15.Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
    16. National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing
    17. Shanghai Pharma
    18. Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
    19.Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biotechnology&Medicine
    20.Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health,Chinese Academy of Sciences
    21. PLA 309 Hospital
    22.Shanghai Institute of Hematology,School of medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    23. Pearl River Fishery Research Institute,Chinese Academic of Fishery Science
    24. Roche China
    25. DIAO Group
    26. NEPTUNUS
    27. National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine & Institute of Materia Medica
    28. Nanning fermentation and enzyme engineering technology research center
    29. Guangxi Academy of Sciences
    30. Dongguan agricultural scientific research center

    Colleges and Universities :
    1. Laboratory of Structural Biology Tsinghua University(Academician Zihe Rao's Laboratory)
    2. Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Tsinghua University
    3. Fudan University State Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering
    4. Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University(IBS)
    5. School of Pharmacy, Fudan University
    6. East China University of Science and Technology
    7. Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
    8. Institute of viruses of Wuhan University.
    9. College of Medicine Wuhan University
    10. College of Life Science, HuaZhong Normal University
    11. South China Normal University
    12. Bioengineering Institute of Jinan University
    13. Northwest University National Engineering Research Center for Miniaturized Detection System
    14. State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology(AML), Huazhong Agricultural University
    15.Dalian Nationalities University
    16.Hefei University of Technology
    17.Tianjin University of Science&Technology
    18.Shantou University Medical College
    19.Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
    20. Zhejiang Normal University
    21. China Pharmaceutical University
    22. Zhejiang University
    23. Fujian Medical University
    24. Harbin Institute of Technology
    25.College of Life Science, Shandong University
    26.College of Medicine, Shandong University
    27.The Key Laboratory of Gene Engineering of Ministry of Education
    28.Yangzhou University
    29.Suzhou institute of Southeast University


    Enterprise Glories and Intellectual properties
    Approved by Guangdong Province as an enterprise of high-tech in 2008
    Supported by Innovation Fund of China
    Supported by Technology Innovation Fund of Guangzhou.
    Have one item of national invention patent
    Have eight items of national utility model patents
    Have one item of exterior design patent
    Have registered the trademark “JNBIO” and “聚能生物” in State Trademark Office
    Our company specializes in production, R&D of Ultra-high Pressure Cell Disrupter.
    For details about our company, please feel free to contact us.

    GUANGZHOU JUNENG NANO & BIO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (JNBIO) was established in 863 Industrial Promotion Centre of Guangzhou in February, 2005. It is founded by Returned expert from United Kingdom. We focus on independent research, development, and production of Low Temperature Ultra-high Pressure Continuous Flow Cell Disrupter, besides integrate with the European cutting-edge technology. Our products meet such as Biotechnology, Pharmacy, and Bio-energy’s needs for high-efficiency of cell crushing. The new technology will be of benefit to the majority of users. The Ultra-high Pressure Cell Disrupter fills a gap in national market.

    Innovative ideas, new technology, professional talents, solid operation, all of them is our tenet for ever. We will surpass self constantly, to create a better development for the enterprise, customers and employees.

    Enterprise affairs:
    ◆Approved by Guangdong Science and Technology Department as one of the first batches of high-tech enterprises
    ◆Supported by Innovation Fund of China and Technology Innovation Fund of Guangzhou
    ◆Has one item of national invention patent
    ◆Has ten items of national utility model patents
    ◆Has two items of exterior design patent
    ◆Have registered the trademark “JNBIO” and “聚能生物” in State Trademark Office

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